Boko Haram: Scores Killed As Insurgents Invade Dalori Village


No fewer than 86 persons have been reportedly killed during an attack on Dalori village, 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Maiduguri, on Saturday January 30 by the Boko Haram insurgents.

According to eye witnesses, the extremists came in motorbikes, a truck and light armoured tank (called Igwa in local parlance) around 6:20pm disguised as soldiers and began their massacre, which lasted for several hours.


Mr. Alamin, a survivor, was questioned. He said.

When we were fleeing they (uniformed Boko Haram) called on us to advance towards their side. Many of us thought they were soldiers, but they ended up opening fire on us. Many people died but few of us were lucky to escape, some with bullet wounds.

They demolished houses, set houses ablaze, and burnt several people beyond recognition including children, during the invasion. A survivor said he heard the screams of children burning to death. Three female suicide bombers reportedly blew up among people who managed to flee to neighboring villages.


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This continued for almost four hours until military troops arrived around 8:40 p.m. but were unable to do much because the insurgents were better armed. Some soldiers who spoke to newsmen said Boko Haram only retreated after reinforcements came with heavier weapons.

Survivors who spoke to newsmen on Sunday complained it took so long for help to arrive from Maiduguri where the military headquarters was located (which was just 5 kilometres away) to curb Boko Haram menace.


They express their fear of  another attack. Mallam Buka, a resident of Dalori, lamented on the lack of protection from the Nigerian military.

We were helpless. Could you believe that there was no military presence in Dalori? The government didn’t provide security to protect us. I lost 11 people, and 5 of our children are nowhere to be found.

According to Mohammed Kanar, area coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency, eighty-six bodies were already collected by Sunday afternoon. Abba Musa of the State Specialist Hospital in Maiduguri, said that another 62 people were being treated for burns and another 62 people are being treated for severe burns.


The Boko Haram insurgency began in Maiduguri in 2009, and ever since, 20,000 people have been reportedly killed and about 2.5 million rendered homeless.

Unfortunately, the attack is coming barely one month the military and the federal government announced to the nation that the insurgents been defeated and driven into fall back position.


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