Blatant Lies: Transcorp Hilton Abuja vs Buhari’s London [See photos]


It has been rumored recently that the APC Presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is having some health challenges for which he went to London for medical treatment. The Presidential aspirant on the contrary has been denying their claims saying that he went to London for an interview with Kemi Fadojutimi. He also backed up his claims with photos of the interview session which were displayed on the ‘All Eyes on Africa’ TV show.

However, the Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose emphatically says that the photos Gen. Buhari is displaying were actually taken in suite 881 at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja. He went as far as taking some journalists to Transcorp Hilton yesterday to show them the striking similarities between the place and Buhari’s London. The sofa, arm-chair, paintings, table lamp, the flower vase, the lighting points and DSTV magazine in the suite were compared with what was published in the papers.

Below are the photos and Governor Fayose’s arguments:




Even a blind man can see the striking resemblance!

“Buhari is on the sick-bed at Cavendis Square, London. They should come out and say so. I am not wishing him dead but we have a duty to always speak the truth. The APC have been trying to cover it up by not allowing him travel out but the man knows he is sick and so, he decided to go for medical check. But my argument is that General Buhari is old, even to govern a state. Governing this country needs energy and strength. We don’t want a president that will be inside the house and other people will hijack that government from him and start governing Nigeria as if it is their personal property. They will need to educate the people to read between the lines. I am not against General Buhari, there must be a leader at a given time, but the fact remains that he is frail and not strong enough to run the affairs of this country”, he said.

Asked whether he sent people to spy on Gen Buhari and his team in London, Governor Fayose said “They are entitled to whatever they say. I have said to you, they can’t find answers to a lot of things that I talked about. I come with facts, publish them in newspapers. At General Buhari’s age, I don’t need to run after him. We are playing politics, I need to present before Nigerians facts and figures. My prayer for Buhari is that he should live long in good health. And I want to tell you that anybody claiming that I have sent anyone after General Buhari in London is only running his mouth because they can’t find answers to questions begging for answers when I present them to the public. They claimed that they don’t want soldiers for elections; when they win election soldiers are good, but when they lose even when their candidates have conceded, they say soldiers are bad. For them to be doing propaganda I said General Buhari cannot be president because he is being promoted by propaganda. If it’s by vote, General Buhari will not win. I’m telling you again, mark it. I’ve always told you when I left office that I will come back. I didn’t say it a month to election, I’ve been saying it a long time ago that I will come back as governor of Ekiti State. I’ve never said anything politically that failed, General Buhari will not win this election”, he said.

“While the APC had earlier claimed that the interview was conducted in London, UK, Mr Mukhtar Dan’Iyan has proven through his Twitter handle, @AyeDee, that the interview was actually conducted in the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja. This revelation proves the point made at various times in the past that the APC is a party founded and built on deceit.

“As many Nigerians are now aware, in 41 tweets posted on his timeline on Sunday, 22nd February, 2015, Mr Dan’Iyan (@AyeDee), proved to the whole world that the interview under review, which the APC led Nigerians to believe was conducted in faraway London, United Kingdom, was actually carried out here in Abuja at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel.

While no one is wishing Buhari any form of ill luck, the target is for all Nigerians to know the truth. After all, it is God that gives good health and every citizen of Nigeria has the right to seek medical treatment where ever he or she chooses. In this, Buhari is just exposing the deceitful foundation of the APC.

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