“Arrest Bishop Oyedepo Immediately For Inciting Violence In The Nation!”


Founder and presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo during a ministration on Sunday, January 8, in Otta, headquarters of his ministry, invoke the wrath of God upon perpetrators of the Southern Kaduna massacres and praying for God to divide Nigeria if that was His will.

However, Bishop Oyedepo’s comments have been received with anger from people who believe it is wrong for the Man og God to make such inciting statements about a nation that is already on the brink of collapse.

Those whose sensibilities were offended by the cleric’s comments called him a divisionist who is no different from Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau and Nnamdi Kanu who are bent on splitting Nigeria.

They expressed surprise that such statement could be made by a preacher and called on security agencies to start arresting pastors who make such divisional statements.

PASTOR OYEDEPO SPEAKS FIRE-Lord if it's your will, BREAK Nigeria NOWENOUGH is ENOUGH. We told them to speak, for the kingdom of God is suffering violence. They are now speaking, and trust me they are speaking with fire and venom.Good Night……….. As I join faith with them.#Still on Jesus is Lord

Posted by Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley on Thursday, January 12, 2017

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@Aliyu Ahmed Girei: Pastor Oyedapo, I don’t know the kind of God you people worship? A whole respected pastor would start propagating inciting messages to his followers and now you tell me you are a prophet? What proof do you have to castigate the north the way you do? Any person who suspect another wrongly in the hereafter he has to testify.

@Shafiu Abdullahi: GOD can no ans terroriste bishop no sens crazy man even for for christan ur big ignorat bcose bible the speak trul no lie GOD punish ur animal.

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Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop Oyedepo Under Attack For Allegedly Inciting Violence

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@Ikuku Nkemakonam: Since all this while there has been crisis, terrorism, religious killins, political lootin, Pastorical lootin, and tribal killins Oyedepo nver said anything about it.. But immediately his office is been threatend he suddnly started talkin about Nigerian secession.. This jet Pastors dn’t give a damn about their congregation, all they care about is themselves their church buildings properties and their families..

@Emma Itodo Abu: God will never allow that to happen, rather anyone with bad intention that Nigeria will break, rather that course will turn into their families, it is their families that will break, not Nigeria. Long live federal Republic of Nigeria, long live pmb.

@Saminu Lawan: Keep on running while nobody is chasing you. Who’s after Oyedepo? His words does not hold water afterall. Is it not the same Pastor that open gate of hell to Nigerians if they fail to vote for Jonathan 2015? We are still waiting for his hell. Time for talk and gain cheap popularity is over.

@Umar Sani Shehu: One of the prophets of doom or should I say evils of this generation is speaking, I think you people claimed to be speaking to “God ” why not put your request to your so called gods to split the country into pieces so as to actualize your devilish mission.

@Abraham Obasi Okore: Because Buhari has forced u to retire that is why ur now praying for Nigeria break up,why didn’t u offer this prayer when Buhari never told u to retire? Hypocritical prayer.

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@Usman Yakasai Mukhtar: This same North oyedepo is abusing is where he lives his youthful yes & came up d his church d winners chapel at Barnawa Kaduna, if what u want is d government of d day to continue pouring money for u , just like Jonah did then I’m sorry for u! As a religious figure u ought to be advocating for tolerance & peaceful coexistence among various group amongst d society!

@Dorosas Suldan: It seems to me that this so called man of God has no sense of humour… Come to think of it, even if we divided is it going to be Christian country and Muslims country? Are all the Christians in Nigeria going to have their own country and the Muslims have theirs too? I think this man is among those politicians working to ignite war In this country. God above u all

@Ahmard Musa Abdoulsalarm: I don’t know what is really happening in my country.. even d religious leaders are praying for d country to break instead of praying for one Nigeria . Do you think you are a pastor and you can pray for bad and expecting GOD to answer you , Never.
What do you contribute to see this nation is as great as it’s now. May Allah flush out the enemies of this country and reduce their influence n followers. ISTANDFORONENIGERIA.

@Garba Mohammed B: Pastor Oyedepo, if God breaks Nigeria today, where will southern Kaduna be? In the south east or south west or south south?