Birth Control: Anambra Ranks 4th In Modern Family Planning, See Why…


Following a Performance Monitoring and Accountability (PMA) 2020 survey conducted in 2016 on the use of modern contraceptives, Anambra state has being ranked fourth as a region with access to birth control and family planning.

This was announced by Dr. Elizabeth Omoluabi who is the Principal Investigator, PMA 2020 Nigeria, on Wednesday in Awka at a training session for the field workers who would cover the round two of the exercise. According to Omoluabi, PMA 2020 Anambra round one showed that only 17.5% of women in the state had access to modern family planning methods – placing it fourth behind Lagos, Rivers and Nasarawa states.

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She said:

“The project is being carried out in 11 countries of the world with a view to tracking family planning to know the level of usage of modern contraception in the countries.”

South Korea pays women to have babies 2
With birth control, women can space giving birth.

The doctor further disclosed that in the seven states where round one of the project was carried out, Anambra was better than Kaduna with 16.1%, Taraba 9.6% and Kano state 6.0%, adding that the project would be presented to the state government as a working tool to help improve campaigns.

Omoluabi continued.

“We are also interested in water and sanitation. In general, we are interested in heath and in reproductive health.

“Remember that Nigeria had promised the world that it is going to make family planning available to 36 percent of its women in 2018.

She noted that Nigeria was far from it and that the country’s role is to keep track of the promise and how it has gone to fulfilling it.

“Every year, we report back the level Nigeria has been able to achieve this dream. This is the training the ladies are undergoing for the second round in Anambra. 

“Our joy is that our survey materials are gaining credibility among states, which use it as working document.”

This comes as the world celebrates women’s day. A day when women are recognised for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

Meanwhile, it is believed that access to family planning services helps women to achieve their ambitions. Whether they are in school, in formal or informal employment, women (and their spouses) who have the benefit of choosing when to have children, how many and how much time between them (spacing), stand a better chance of achieving their goals.

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Like couples would be advised to give two to three years space for each child, an undisclosed study showed that women who plan their children alongside their personal and family goals are able to attain their academic and professional dreams, get higher incomes and participate in social activities in their communities.

According to a letter written by Philanthropist Melinda Gates, wife to the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, about the role of family planning, “it was not by coincidence that my three children were born when they were born and exactly three years apart,” she said, referring to the use of birth control in family planning.