Get Ready! These 6 Biggest Jobs Are Expected To Trend In 2017


The year 2016 is about to come to an end and a lot of people are looking forward and making plans on potential trending skills and biggest jobs in 2017 that might catapult them towards financial freedom.

Therefore BuzzNigeria presents you with biggest jobs trend 2017, to equip Nigerians; both young and old who are willing to take the challenge and beat the economic recession buzzing around the whole national.

6 Biggest Job Trend 2017

1. Web Developers and Computer Engineers

The world has been made small by endless revolution of technology. Nigeria is a virgin land for either the start-ups or major corporations, therefore almost every business will be looking to hire front-end, back-end, full-stack and mobile engineers to handle all the different stages of software development. The skills required is basically for you to know how to code and you also don’t have to quit your job to learn as there are websites like Codecademy and Skillcrush that can help you train yourself.

Projected annual salary: $120,000 (N37.8 million)

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2. Data Scientist

Not many people notice the treasure behind being a data scientist – these people are in huge demand. Like web developers and engineers, data scientists are able to comb through all the Web data coming in (think Google Analytics or Facebook) and make recommendations to help the company gain a competitive edge.

Job requirements: You’ll need mathematics and data-measurement skills to pull this off, but don’t be discouraged yet as there are many programmes that makes it easy to learn.

Projected annual salary: $95,000 to $113,000 (N29.9 million – N35.6 million)

3. Sales Managers

Ok! as simply as this job might sound, demands for sales managers has taken a speedy U-turn with companies looking for experienced personnel, but this time, not only the traditional sales. You need project management or online marketing skills; to think creatively and work with an occasionally quirky team.

Projected annual salary: $110,000 (N34.6 million)

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4. Nurse Practitioners

This profession has been on trend for decades, and in a recent survey, it is reported that 62 percent of nurses are expected to retire in the next three years. Hence, you can go ahead with the decision to study the course if you’re being skeptical about it because being a nurse practitioner comes with fat paychecks.

Projected annual salary: $100,000 (N31.5 million).

5. Personal Financial Advisers and Planners

This job requires you would be spending 8 hours a day providing advice on investments, mortgages, insurance, college savings, etc. Thus, it is expected to expand to 30% in the next eight years. So you can capitalise on it and of course, you need a certificate and customer service skills to advise others on their money.

Projected annual salary: $90,000 (N28.3 million).

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6. Artistry

Amazing! Latest Tech 'Surface Studio' For Artists, Designers, Engineers

Different types of artistry can range from choreography, cosmetic make-up, etc. But that’s not the part am referring to. Art is a unique and diverse career; fine and applied art, designs, sculpture, painting etc. With newest techs and apps popping up at all corners, artists, designers can promote art in Nigeria in 2017 and earn big time in artistry creations.

Projected annual salary: $53,200 or more (N16.7 million).

We’ll be bringing you more updates ojn the biggest jobs in 2017 but you can also leave your email address on joblistNigeria for job alerts.