Who Is The Voice Behind Big Brother Nigeria? BBC Relates Buhari’s Absence To The Timing Of BBNaija


The Big Brother Nigeria Reality TV show coincidentally kicked off on Sunday 22nd January 2017, around the same time President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria.

Although, President Buhari is reportedly in London, a social media discussion, which resulted from a meme, insinuates that Mr. President is likely the voice behind the Big Brother Nigeria TV show.

Previously, the audience of the show have always wondered who the Big Brother was because his fine baritone voice and way he addresses the housemates, which usually adds a special mystery feel to the show.

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However, the British Broadcasting Cooperation, BBB compares the absence of President Buhari to the show, which is currently taking place in South Africa.

In an article published on the BBC website today, they gave a hilarious comparison on Buhari’s absence and BBNaija. According to BBC, Big Brother Nigeria gives constant updates of the show as it goes while President Buhari has gone incommunicado.

As a matter of fact, President Buhari has not given a single interview since his arrival in the UK. Instead, the presidency attempted to arrest a journalist who demanded to see and speak with the President.

buhari's scheduled trip

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria to London in mid-January, with a promise that he would be back on the 5th of February to resume his duties the next day.

However, through the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Buhari sent an extension letter, urging Nigerians to anticipate his return at a later time, as he needs more time to rest and recoup from his ill-health.

Notwithstanding, Buhari, who is a former military ruler and an uptight civilian leader, is the least person to be associated with a reality TV show as Big Brother where contestants engage in attention-seeking raunchy behaviours.

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President Buhari’s absence is causing so much panic and worsening the economic situation of the country. Nigerians in South Africa are faced with severe attacks as a South African group demands that all Nigerians should leave their country. Inversely, some Nigerians have taken the lasw into their hands as they were reported to vandalize and set ablaze the building of South African owned telecommunication company, MTN in Abuja.

Big Brother Housemates

Big Brother Naija House

Truth be told, President Buhari is not Big Brother Nigeria show as he will not abandon his dear country to feature on a reality TV show. But with APC sha, anything is possible! #JustSaying

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