SECESSION: Pro-Biafra Group, Biafran Zionists Movement To Declare Independence


SECESSION: Biafran Zionists Movement To Declare Independence March 2017

Another pro-Biafra group, the Biafran Zionists Movement has announced that they would declare independence.

Leader of the Biafran Zionists Movement also known as the Biafran Zionists Federation has announced that Biafra would declare independence from Nigeria in March 2017.

The leader of the Biafra Zionist Federation (BZF), Barrister Benjamin Onwuka, who was recently released from prison has declared that the south-east would become independent on March 15, 2017.

According to Barrister Onwuka, the Republic of Biafra would be born on the 15th of March.

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Speaking shortly after his release, the BZM leader declared that the United States of America will endorse the Biafra independence declaration.

He said:

“The work we have done underground permits that America will endorse the Independent state of Biafra in March 15, 2017.

“We expect that this will come with the endorsement of President Donald Trump.

Biafran Zionist Movement

Onwuka claimed that former American President Barrack Obama of the United States of America had approved the policy for an independent state of Biafra on October 15, 2014.

He further stated that current President Donald Trump would have to implement the action since a sitting American president usually does not ignore foreign policies established by their predecessors.

Biafran Zionists Movement To Declare Biafran Independence

Barrister Onwuka added that:

“y confidence on President Donald Trump endorsing the restoration of an Independent state of Biafra hinges on the fact that ex-President Barack Obama made the approval.

“Since 2015, Biafra has been accepted worldwide due to diplomatic groundwork.

“Without America’s support, there will be no Biafra. Now that we have gotten America’s support, Biafra Independence is realizable.


Speaking on the seeming rift existing among the Biafra secessionist groups, Onwuka clarified saying:

“There will never be a day when all the pro Biafra groups will agree on every issue but the ‘Zionists’ have taken the upper hand because we established diplomatic ties with America, Great Britain and other world powers.”

Onwuka has been in detention for three years following his arrest midway into his live broadcast to declare the Biafran independence at the Enugu Broadcasting Service in 2014.

He had reportedly stormed into the station with his group and took it over to make the said independence declaration broadcast.

Biafran Zionists Movement Claim Biafra Beyond Igboland

According to Onwuka, his stand was strengthened by the diplomatic relations the BZF had established with America, the Great Britain and other western powers.

Media reports say Onwuka had reportedly declared himself as would-be president of Biafra.

Biafran Zionists Movement leader also noted that Biafra stretches beyond Igboland and Niger Delta regions as it includes Kogi, Benue, Nasarrawa states and parts of the middle belt.

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He affirmed his stance saying:

“The MASSOB, the IPOB and others are under the zionists; the IPOB for instance has never gone beyond River Niger.

“All that Nnamdi Kanu is doing is to be insulting everybody through his radio; he is not even sparing America and Britain. So, you can even see that his actions are inimical to the Biafra dream.

“The mistake our leaders made in 1967 was based on the fact that they failed to establish diplomatic relations with Russia, America and Great Britain.‎ Nnamdi Kanu is still toeing the same line.”