Biafra Summons Nigeria To US Court For Hearing Today


It is not over for the Brafrans until it is over with the fight for freedom. This is why they will not rest until justice is done. An anonymous Biafran leader posted on the website of Radio Biafra about his plans to drag Nigeria before a United States of America (USA) court for legal battle, and the hearing is expected to hold today, January 14, 2016. The leader described the forthcoming legal battle between Biafra and Nigeria as the first international legal battle between the duo.

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“Now, with their own hands, Nigerians have set the stage for Nigeria’s first international legal battle with Biafra, and we are ready to meet them in court. There, the world will begin to hear things that will shock them about the “illegal structure” called Nigeria, which they are still keeping as a country”. He said.

He also talked about his ordeal when he visited the USA in July last year.

“The Biafrans did demonstrate but the government sent an who did not disappoint them. In fact, the agent appeared and tried to cause confusion amongst the demonstrators. But it backfired.

It happened that while Buhari was inside the White House meeting with Barack Obama, the USA President and his officials; Biafrans were outside the building demonstrating. They were singing Biafran solidarity songs, flying Biafran flags, and taunting Buhari for his unfitting leadership of an expired country. As they sang and danced, they displayed placards showing the Nigerian ruler as a pedophile, an illiterate, a murderer, a terrorist and a dictator.


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The anonymous leader also showed concerned that all they need is for Nigeria to leave Biafra alone, and that Biafrans are only carrying out peaceful demonstrations with singing, dancing and display of placards. He was concerned that the Nigerian agent who took pictures of their act also threatened to make Nigeria deal with Biafra. He pointed out that despite the picture paparazzi by the agent, Biafrans sang and danced away to the delight of onlookers without causing an ugly scene. They told the agent that they were not bothered because all they wanted was freedom for Biafra and for Nigeria to leave Biafra alone.

“The agent continued taking his pictures, boasting in the process that he would make sure the Nigerian government dealt ruthlessly with them. He boasted further that he was sending the pictures right away to the country’s secret service, the State Security Services (SSS). He promised them that the SSS would see to it that they were deported to Nigeria to face Buhari.

The law officers arrested everybody and took them to the station. At the station, the officers found the unsolicited pictures in his camera, and started asking him rigorously questions. When he realized that the case was turning against him, he sneaked out of the station and escaped. But unfortunately for him, the law enforcers already had his particulars and so charged the case to court.”

Recall that IPOB Filed A Case Against The Federal Government Of Nigeria. A press release was done to that effect in 2012. The date of hearing was made public but the outcome of the hearing was not significant to the freedom of Biafra.