Pro-Biafra Activists Demand Nigeria’s Expulsion From Common Wealth, See Why 


In the course of a conference meeting in Accra, Ghana, during the weekend, over eight pro-Biafra groups demanded for an immediate dismembership of Nigeria from the Common Wealth of Nations for the reason of the serial extra judicial killings of pro-Biafra activists during last Monday’s Biafra Anniversary in the south-east and parts of south-south geopolitical.

The MASSOB and Biafra Liberation Council (BLC) leaders, Uchenna Madu and Austin-Mary Ndukwu presented a signed communique on behalf of eight other pro-Biafra groups, expressing their discontent at the delay by Common Wealth of Nations to expel Nigeria from the organization.

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As Vanguard reported, the groups noted that the body rose to the occasion in 1995 by suspending Nigeria due to her deplorable human rights records including the execution by hanging of Ogoni nine activists including Africa’s Playwright, Ken Saro-Wiwa and the continuous detention and murder of MKO Abiola.

The statement reads:

“The conference rejects Common Wealth of Nations blatant and double standard on the extra judicial killings of pro-Biafra activists who were going about their daily activities or peacefully exercising their right to demonstrate. We hereby demand immediate expulsion of the Federal Government from Common Wealth of Nations in compliance with the Harare Declaration and norms and principles of respect to peoples human right.

“It is the right of Common Wealth of Nations to respect its founding principles which it did over the unjust execution of nine Ogoni activists and which it must do now over the illegal arrest, incessant torture, detention and imprisonment of the Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu; leader of Biafra Zoinist Movement, BZM, Ben Onwuka and Chukwuebuka Ikenwa among others.

“We strongly warn that failure to expel Nigeria from the Common Wealth of Nations will be a ‘carte blanch’ for the Buhari administration to continue unabated pogrom of extermination of people of Biafra origin. It will also be a free pass for the forceful islamization of Christian people of Biafra and the extermination of the members of the christian community within the confines of Federal Republic of Nigeria and Biafraland”.

“The natural inhabitants and indigenous people of these lands are Biafrans by birth but Nigerians by citizenship. MASSOB  has  made it  open that we want Biafra. Though we choose non violent approach, we shall also support every genuine and legitimate methodology and approach chosen by any group towards Biafra self determination.

“Because of our non violent approach, the Nigerian security forces have killed thousands of MASSOB members and other group members since 1999 when the current struggle started. These extra judicial killings of non violent and unarmed Biafra agitators have gone unchecked by the Nigerian government and international watchdogs against human rights abuses, brutalities, genocides and pogroms including the United Nations.

“The western world seems not to react against the ethnic cleansing of our people because of economic and diplomatic interest in Biafra natural treasures. They kept their hypocritical eyes closed against the fate of over 60 million Biafrans.

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“Nigeria and her likes understand only the language of violence. Today, Buhari’s military soldiers are being disgraced, economic power block being dismantled, diplomatic relations being shattered, his government in disarray and even himself is confused because of the activities of Biafran agitators in the Eastern region and what the Niger Delta Avengers are doing in the South-South region.”

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