I Bet You Haven’t Seen This Latest Virtual Reality Gadget


The rate at which gadgets are introduced everyday is alarming. However, no matter how much we try to ignore some of them, we cannot do without these gadgets, as they are needed to keep in touch with reality and stay updated with latest happenings.

Well, technology has just gotten better. With each passing day, several amazing tech machines, both mini, micro and macro are introduced into the market, but there has never been any like Glyph Mediawear. This hands-on gadget was released in February 2016 and is designed like a head phone which serves as a personal television. The Glyph Mediawear can change your life forever!

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Rather than say “ear phone,” or “head phone,” Glyph Mediawear, in the literal sense can be best described as an “Eye-Phone.”

Glyph Mediawear - Virtual Reality

Glyph Mediawear is the first of its kind and its features are absolutely amazing. It comes as a personalized theater that brings motion pictures straight to you and on the go. Unlike other Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets, such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Glyph Mediawear is portable, convenient and easy to operate. It offers high-definition pictures alongside quality sounds in a dynamic range of about 95 decibel – a quality that is unique to the brand.

One other fantastic feature of the Glyph Mediawear is that it recreates vision exactly like the natural eyes would. Although it doesn’t have a screen, the gadget works with Retinal Image Technology which employs the use of advanced microscopic mirrors to project images directly to the eyes. It gives a live feel of “seeing” rather than the artificial ambience as in watching a Television.

Glyph Mediawear - Virtual Reality

This amazing gadget allows you to watch TV shows, play games, access the internet, stream online and lots more. It can be connected via a single HDMI to other gadgets like the laptop, smart phones, game consoles and even drone transmitters.

Glyph Mediawear - Virtual Reality

The Glyph requires charging using a micro USB cord and its life span can last up to 4 hours if used exclusively to watch videos. However, Glyph can serve as a regular headphone and this usage rarely drains the battery life. With the new Glyph Headware you can also watch 360 3D videos. Although it does not work with 3D Blu-ray players, it’s a fabulous must-have all the same. This gadget will track your head movements like a VR headset does and to achieve this, it requires direct plugging to a computer.

Furthermore, it is also ideal that you get a hint of this Headware’s affordability. With about $680 to $700 (N140,000 approximately) you can purchase a brand new Glyph Headware which would keep you entertained for as long as the gadget is maintained. It comes in different colors that appeals to different people and it is the best gift you can give to yourself or a loved one this season.

Virtual Reality

Tech savvies and lovers of VRs can testify to the excellence performance and quality delivery Glyph Headware offers as well as the satisfaction its users are guaranteed to derive from every single encounter. Add this sophisticated gadget to your lots – Winner “Best of CES” Award 2016.

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