Best of the Web 2015 – Part I

2015 has been a very interesting year for us at Buzz Nigeria. It’s now that part of the year when we like to take a look back over the year and also plan for the year ahead. Our goal in 2015 has always been to provide loads of interesting, educative, entertaining and informative news and articles, as the year is coming to an end, we have taken record of some of the articles that resonated well with you. Here we present to you, the Best of the Web 2015 – some of the very best articles for 2015 – and we hope you’ll find it interesting, informative and entertaining

Nigeria Flag – All You Must Know About Nigerian Flag

The Nigerian Flag is known for its uniqueness, in this article, we carefully described to you important facts about the Nigerian Flag you can never find anywhere else. We believe you will a lot from this article.

Nigerian Food You Must Eat Before You Die (Part I)

Nigeria is not only rich in natural resources and cultures alone, but also of varieties of food and we know how confusing it can be to choose what to eat when faced with lots of foodies. But in this article, we carefully made the choice of 10 best foods you must never avoid to eat before you die.

Delicious Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

For those who love to try something new, have you tried this soup yet? This described the steps to follow in order to have your delicious Chicken Noodle soup prepared. We hope you’ll find the article helpful

Ankara African Dress Styles: Gorgeous African Dresses

Ankara style is going viral, changing not only the Nigerian fashion industry but also the worlds’. In this article, we were able to bring to you some of the best worn Ankara styles that will fit any colour of your skin. We promise to keep you updated as we find more.

Carlos Slim House Amazing Pictures

We bet most of us never heard that name before. Well, it is our duty to keep you informed about people living around you. So in this article, we went all round to tell you all you must know about Carlos Slim Helu, One of the richest men in the world right now. Watch out for more as we keep you highly informed.

John Cena Dead? – 5 Proofs He is Still Alive

The alleged death of WWE wrestler John Cena went Viral within the year. But we were able to prove to you in this article that the Famous wrestler is alive and doing well, find out more

Michael Scofield Gay? – 8 Shocking Truths About Wentworth Miller

I am sure not everyone knew much about the popular Prison Breaks star- Wentworth Miller (also known as Michael Scofield) but in this article, we were able to open to you truths you never know about him.

Nigerian Movies You Must Watch Online For Free

Nollywood is at its best in producing award-winning movies that will keep you entertained all the way and did our best in bringing these movies to your fingertips, All you need to do is to click and watch as we promise to always update you with the latest movies.

Nigerian Newspapers For Latest Nigerian News

Information is very important, just as it’s also very important not to be misinformed. Hence to keep you rightly informed, we’ve compiled a list of best Nigerian newspapers you can reach out to.

Nkem Owoh and All the Interesting Things You Didn’t Know about the Nollywood Actor

Nkem Owoh is a registered name in the Nollywood films and in this article, we were able to presented to you, all the interesting facts you might not know about the Nollywood star.

How To Convert USD to Naira

The naira is the currency of Nigeria. It is subdivided into 100 kobo. The Central Bank of Nigeria is the sole issuer of legal tender money throughout the Federation. Currently, the amount of foreign currency is regulated through weekly auctions, while the Central Bank sets the exchange rate. In this article, we’ve unveiled how to convert your US Dollars to Nigerian Naira.

How To Convert The Naira to USD

For those at home, those in the US and those preparing to travel, We hope we were helpful enough to give you the important steps to follow for you to convert your Naira to Dollars.

How To Convert Naira to Pounds

This article gave its best in providing you with all the necessary ‘must have’ and ‘must do’ that will make your Naira to Pounds conversion possible.

How To Convert British Pounds to Naira

Have you now known where you can convert your British pounds to the Nigerian Naira? This is no longer difficult as we have gone out of our ways to educate you on the steps to follow to have your money converted. We hope you’ll enjoy the article

Nigerian Hairstyles – Beautiful Pictures and Videos of Natural Hair Styles 

This article unveiled the world trending hair style called Natural hair. It has fascinating Video clips of how you can follow the trend and have your own natural hair.

Top 10 Nigerian Hip Hop Songs

For all Hip Hop lovers we believe you’ll enjoy the article on the top 10 Nigerian Hip Hop songs. We also believe you will be entertained by watching the videos of these songs. We promise to feed you with more of the Hip Hop songs from Nigeria.

Top 10 Famous Nigerian Musicians

We all Know that Nigerian Musicians are the best in Africa, as some are just springing up, some have their feet rooted in the entertainment industry and are therefore becoming famous. This article gives you the top Nigerian Musicians that are really famous.

Top 22 Biggest Banks in Nigeria

The Nigerian Banks are doing pretty well in their field but among all the banks in Nigeria, there are some Banks that has remained the best. This article presented a long list of outstanding banks in Nigeria. We hope your choice of bank was included.

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TB Joshua Ministries and Everything You Must Know About It

How much do you know about the famous pastor, I bet not much. This article unveiles the truth about T.B Joshua, the SCOAN and his international value you possibly are not aware of.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy

Chris Oyakilome is a registered name when we are talking about Rich Nigerian Men Of God. This article tells you all you need to know about the famous Chris Oyakhilome

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D’Banj Biography

If you are conversant with Nigerian Music then the name of D’Banj popularly know as the “Koko Master” won’t sound new. This article tells you all you need to know about the popular Nigerian musician.

Olamide Biography

The era of old men and women venturing into the music industry is gradually ending. With the emergence of young artists like Olamide, you will discover that the Nigerian entertainment industry is going places. This article tells you all you need to know about one of the young stars that is doing great as musician.

Wizkid Biography

Talk about who does it best in stage performance and you talk of no other person but Wizkid. This article gives you all the facts you never knew about one of the youngest Nigerian artist called Wizkid

How To Check Your JAMB/UTME Result Online

All those who have taken or those about to register will find this article interesting, your long search for the result of your exam has been made easy.

Boko Haram – Key Facts, Figures and Dates

Boko Haram, which calls itself Wilāyat Gharb Ifrīqīyyah, and Jamā’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihād’, is an Islamic extremist group based in northeastern Nigeria, also active in Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon. Find out everything you must know about Boko Haram in Nigeria, the key facts, figures and dates.

Beverly Osu – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About This Model

Does that name ring a bell? Well, this model is doing great in her profession and this article is centred on important facts you might possibly not know about Beverly.

10 Things That Will Surprise You About Ice Prince

Check out the Hausa guy who has gained much popularity in the music industry. This article went all the way to tell us all about the successful journey of this great young musician that we probably did not know of.

Iyanya And 10 Lesser Known Facts About Him

Starting with his hit song “Kukere” this artist is doing well in the music industry. The article reveals to us all we need to know about the young Calabar musician.

10 Reasons Tiwa Savage May Be The Best Female Nigerian Musician

One of the beautiful Nigerian Ladies with enchanting voice is Tiwa savage. Listening to her songs, you will realise why she is going places as the best female Musician in Nigeria. In this article, you get to know what makes her the best among other female musicians

Nigerian Men and Relationships – To Date Or Not To Date?

Nigeria men do have a distinguished behaviour in relationships which makes them unique among their pairs. This article outlined the important reasons why you should or should not date a Nigerian man.

Boko Haram In Nigeria – A Timeline of Terror

This deadly group has wrecked the Nigerian peace through their massive destruction of lives and properties. Get to know all their atrocities in the various cities of Nigeria in this article.

Timaya and 10 Lesser Known Facts to Know about Him

This popular artist has gone so far in entertaining the Nigerian society. This article gives you all you ought to know about the Bayelsan Musician.

Cornrow HairStyles: The Most Artistic Hair Designs For Women and Men

It’s amazing how the traditional African hairdo has been able to withstand all modern changes. Today we have both male and female having a cornrow hairstyle. This article introduces to you all the tips for making the cornrow hairstyles.

John Okafor (Mr Ibu) and Everything You Must Know about Him

Talk about the people who have kept the entertainment industry alive in Nigeria and you talk about John Okafor Popularly known as Mr Ibu. Check out all you need to know about the movie actor cum musician in this article.

Nigerian 419 Scams – 10 Surprising Facts You Must Know

Travellers will find this quite interesting. Scamming is one of the most illegal jobs that people engage in. Here in this article, you get to know all the countries that you have to be careful with while doing online business.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mercy Johnson

How much do you happen to know about one of the sexiest Nollywood actresses? Well, you have all your doubts cleared in this article as you get to know all hidden facts about Mercy Johnson.

Tonto Dike and Everything You Must Know About Her

It quite shocking to know that one of the youngest Nollywood actresses had a horrifying past life. This article is rated one of the best this year because it exposes us to the facts we are not aware of about this popular actress.

Bishop David Oyedepo Biography

Talk about faith and the power of giving and you will speak of no other person but Bishop David Oyedopo. Here in this article, you will be surprised to know all these facts that you never knew about the popular Living Faith founder.

Everything You Must Know About Boko Haram in Nigeria

The name Boko Haram is a name that will not be easily removed from the memory of Nigerian because the name is associated with pains and agony. This article is an update about all that this dreaded group has done to the Nigerian society.


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