Best of the Web 2015 – Part III

We continue the Best of the Web series for 2015. As editors, we’re always reading, browsing, churning out and, let’s be honest, sometimes skimming stories and it can be hard to remember what we read last week. We post articles — from BN to Facebook, share them on Twitter and email them to friends. Still, amid that endless flow of information, there are some stories, news and articles that are so informative, so hilarious, so thought-provoking, so well-crafted or deeply resonant that they disrupt the whole machine.

Over the past few days, we’ve been sharing our favourite articles of the year on Buzz Nigeria. For the full list—including picks in Entertainment, Business, Sports, Politics, Tech and more— check out Buzz Nigeria’s Best of 2015 Part I and Buzz Nigeria’s Best Part II.

We’ve dug deep into our collective memories (and individual inboxes) to bring back some of the best articles that resonated well with you this year. The views have been tallied. The critics have been ignored. Nothing but the hits: Here’s the 3rd part of the series

10 Gorgeous Hairstyles Nigerian Men Love To See On Their Women

What is a woman without a beautiful hairstyle? Every woman cherishes the moments when she spends some free time at a salon, pampering her hair to the desired style either for the fun of it, to please her man or whoever cares to notice. Take a look at these carefully dished out these special hairstyles to suit your taste, expression and personality. Even celebrities fancy them.

Sunday Oliseh and 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The New Super Eagles Coach 

We all know about Nigeria’s new coach – After Steven Keshi – Sunday Oliseh has special plans up his sleeves for the Nigerian Eagles football club but you wouldn’t know that yet until you find out 15 things you never knew about him. Hear what he has to say.

10 Richest People In Nigeria

Wondering who the other richest people in Nigeria are after Aliko Dangote? You can rest easy now as we unveil each and every one of them and their net worth for your scrutiny. Just prepare yourself for a shocker as #3 is jaw-dropping! 

20 Biggest And Busiest Markets In Nigeria

If you like to know which market to visit/exchange goods and services/buy and sell, in Nigeria, then your search has come to an end as we present you with this information. You’ll be amazed at how many markets there are ONLY in Nigeria.

20 Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria

Regardless of the scepticism attached to shopping online, many Nigerians have embraced the technological-convenient means of finding new products through numerous websites that offer quality products at normal prices plus free delivery. Click on the link above to discover online shopping stores; their address and contacts, for your smooth purchase.

Tiwa Savage Biography

Tiwa Savage has coined many sweet feeling from the hearts of all Nigerians. Beautiful, Talented and always smiling, she’s all of that and much more which I know you might be curious to find out. That’s why we bring you details of her early journey to fame and fortune.

5 Largest Discount Shopping Malls In Nigeria

Discount!? Huh very interesting isn’t it, who wouldn’t want to make a purchase at a discount rate every once in a while. The feeling of luxurious satisfaction at visiting any of this shopping Mall here in Nigeria can be a hilarious experience. Take a look at them as we direct you to better your purchasing power.

10 Successful Nigerians Who Are Not University Graduates

Is this a slap in the face of all University graduates or what? Maybe a wakeup call or an encouragement to degree holders that there are better paths to success for everyone if these particular people have attained to this accelerated level of affluence without a University degree. It would only mean that the land is green indeed. Take a glimpse at the people we are referring to.

34 Best Insurance Companies In Nigeria

There are hundreds of insurance companies all over Nigeria that it is quiet hard to decide which of them have track records of reliability and Integrity. But worry no more because we have conducted some standard analysis to bring to your notice the best Insurance Companies and their functions, for your consideration. Find out if yours is among them.

Nigerian Music

Now, this is what we’ve all been looking for and it’s totally “FREE”! We have given you all the information you need about famous Nigerian musicians, but this time, we wish to spice it all up for you. So dig in and download as many as the “awoof” music videos and get your groove on.

Linda Ikeji Biography – The Popular Nigerian Blogger

The name – Linda Ikeji might not sound familiar to you, but I’ll bet “blogging” does. Her journey to fame and riches, through “Blogging”, is a story you don’t want to overlook. Click on this topic and learn a lot about this Nigerian Blog booster – Linda Ikeji – She’s one of the most influential women in Nigeria which we already listed for you in our earlier post. But this time we bring you the details of everything you wish to know. Also, watch her video interviews and let her story inspire you.

 All You Didn’t Know About Mrs Omokorede

This is getting more exciting, and the story of Mrs Omokorede is such an irresistible one. Even I didn’t know about her before until now. Once again Nigeria is the proud producer of another one of many international celebrities. Her records of career achievements are never-ending, check it out!

10 Most Expensive SUVs In The World

Have you thought about your car? Or even care to find out about it? These SUVs (Suburban Utility Vehicles) will snatch a whistle out of your mouth. One of them is my dream car, which one is yours?

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“Would You Rather” Questions

Wait a minute! These questions are driving me crazy! Show me a rhetorical question and I’ll tell you where lousy argument flares. Get your brain entangled with these 100+ Funny questions.

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Hmmm! Girls talk at last! Women make the world of men less boring

Guys which one of you doesn’t want to impress or be impressed? We make it so much easier for you with this list of “cute words just for your woman”, so scratch your hair no more let’s dig into those romantic moments.

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Trivia Questions and Answers

Give-up on your boredom state and activate your intellectual with these rather trivia questions and answers. You never know which one of them holds the key to that part of your brain.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Still on girls matter! Without girls, which matter you wan die on top?

At least try act like a “romantica” every once in a while to show her how lovely she is. These sweet words will make her heart wobbling.

Romantic Wedding Vows For Him

Ok, ladies, it’s so on! This is the article that interests us the most. Now, these Wedding Vows are super-romantic and super-sarcastic and not only that, your man’s love for you will triple a thousand-fold after hearing you made these honest declarations. Enjoy!

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Sex is what comes to mind when a man and woman get together for some ‘coziness’, uhuh! So don’t feel awkward about asking your man how he wants to get down when it comes down to it – if you know what I mean ;). Don’t thank me yet until you see this! By the way, Boys, prepare yourself for the bombshell.

Funny Questions to Ask Anyone

What funny questions would you ask anyone to make them feel awkward, flabbergasted or even get them blushing? Make as many selections as you like from the assorted lists by clicking on the link.

Yoruba Movies

Watch entertaining Yoruba movies to liven up your day, and also get to know more about their flamboyant characteristics. Their movie sets keep getting better and better! You cannot miss it.

Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Hold on! Before you groan this post over you better re-consider because if you think you know it all, check out this lists of “Cutie names” spice up your relationship with your spouse/girl-boyfriend/parents/siblings/friends/cousin/kins-men oops! See, it’s not so cliché after all.

This or That Questions

Hmmm! Now, these questions are more answerable or not, you just….cannot resist….them. So please shed some of those hidden feelings and be real for a moment.

Trivia Questions

Woh! What a disgusting question this #8 is, You want to know what it is? Though not everyone finds it disgusting but all boils down to getting an answer for it, So check it out, see if you have an answer for it.

Happy Birthday Quotes

Enjoy it? Dread it? We all have a birthday to remember or celebrate our own birthdays or others birthday. We have the Quotes just for those special occasions when words for birthday wishes fail you. Look them up here and be inspired to make a friend’s day worthwhile.

Inspirational Bible Verses

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels or demons, neither the present nor future….. And the sentence continues. What bible verse do you think these words emerge from? Re-marry your inspirational bible verses with us through these lists and be one with God.

Yo Momma Jokes

As much as we love our mommas, Jokes about them has become one the biggest breakthrough in the world of comedy and you can’t help but roll on the floor with laughter after hearing these jokes. I’m still giggling at #41. Sweet Momma!

Happy Birthday Quotes

My best friend’s birthday is next week and I’m completely short of words to say to her. Do you have any ideas? Of course it’s easy to find, just click on the link beneath the “Happy Birthday quotes and grab the words.

Funny Jokes For Kids

We present you with tips on how you helping children have a great fun party time! Glance through and make extra selections on how to tickle those kids to stupor.

Quotes About Moving on

Another ditch in on road? keep moving, another stop sign? Keep moving on….so the song goes. A special quotes for when you’re feeling blue and gloomy. Or you wish to comfort someone who’s stuck, read and lend a hand because we all need somebody to lean on.

Full Movies on Youtube

Lose yourself in the world of romantic fantasy with these Nigerian movies as we provide you with complete Nigerian super actors/actresses in their romantic actions. Come up over and click on the centre button to watch.

Hottest Actresses

You probably have your own opinion about who the Hottest of the hottest actress is right? You can keep guessing or find out for yourself, see if you agree with us about who should be placed on top of the list.

Your Momma Jokes

Yo momma’s so dark, there’s no need for night time lol! Dick that, got anyone of yours that isn’t already on this list? Let’s hear it then.

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