Best of Mercy Chinwo’s Songs

Mercy Chinwo’s songs like “Excess Love”, “Chinedum” and “Akamdinelu” are among the most trending gospel songs in Nigeria and abroad. The 31 year-old award-winning Nigerian gospel music minister and songwriter is one of the many Nigerian gospel music artists helping to spread the word of God through their music.

With global events like Xperience and the likes, Nigerian musicians like Mercy Chinwo are gaining worldwide popularity and attaining global acclaim in their craft. This is why a good number of Mercy Chinwo’s songs have continuously topped many music charts across the country and abroad.

Best Mercy Chinwo’s Songs

For someone who has loved singing and has been involved in gospel music since she was 8, it is not surprising to see Mercy Chinwo rise so fast in her music career as she currently has. Gracefully, with platforms like the Nigeria Idol, she not only was able to build her music career but her ability to win the local version of the Idol series franchise in 2012 helped her rise to fame.

Today, she is one of the most celebrated female gospel singers not just in her home country Nigeria but across the globe as well. Here’s a quick look into the top five of Mercy Chinwo’s songs making the most buzz today.

1. Excess Love

Mercy is widely known for her hit single “Excess Love”. The hit jam which was largely rated as the greatest Nigerian gospel song of all time by most music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, was released in 2018 as the 6th track of her 2018 album The Cross: My Gaze. The hit not only dominated several music charts in Nigeria but also globally as well.

The success of the project also earned her national and international recognition and sealed her status as one of the best vocalists in the Nigerian Gospel music ministry. It also earned her several notable awards and nominations including the 2018 Best Gospel Artist at the Climax Awards.

The following year, this major hit helped Mercy walk away with numerous awards at Africa Gospel Awards Festivals. These awards include Africa Gospel New Artiste of the year, Africa Gospel Female Artiste of the Year, and gospel Artist of the year at the AFRIMMA 2020 Awards. The song itself won Africa Gospel Song of the Year in 2019.

Other than the accolades she received, the song cemented her position in Nigeria’s gospel industry with over 89 million views garnered on Youtube and several million more streamed and downloaded on various platforms. Following the success of her hit track, Mercy had a remix of the song in which she featured famous gospel singers like Chioma Jesus JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise, and The Gratitude.

2. Obinasom

This is not just one of the best Mercy Chinwo’s best songs, but one of her most popular as well. As it is with most of her songs, Mercy’s “Obinasome” has some of its lyrics written in Igbo language and the title itself could be translated to mean “My heart is joyful”.

“I neme obinasom” means You [God] make my heart joyful. Her constant use of Igbo words in her songs coupled with the fact that she speaks Igbo fluently has further caused many of her fans to assume she is Igbo. Mercy Chinwo is, however, not from any Eastern part of Nigeria. She is actually from Ikwere, Port Harcourt, in Rivers State.

Mercy’s “Obinasom” was produced and released on February 14th, 2020 under her music label Eezee Conceptz. It is a worship song based on a slow ballad of African drum beats and rhythm that incorporates strings and live bass instruments. The melodious rendition hit millions of views on YouTube in just 3 weeks after its release. The song is one of Mercy Chinwo’s popular songs to date.

3. Chinedum

Mercy is not known to disappoint her fans with her soul-lifting songs. “Chinedum” is another great gospel beat released by the star gospel singer in 2020. It is the third single after the release of her debut album “The Cross – My Gaze”. It serves as a follow-up to her recent single “Eze” enlisting the vocals of her fellow EeZee Conceptz gospel minister Preye Odede.

Mercy Chinwo’s “Chinedum” was mastered by Israel Dammy, and it is largely considered a typical revival song for those who have seemingly lost hope. Thus, it gained massive love and acceptance in the Nigerian Christian circle. The song currently has garnered over 36 million views on Youtube and several million more streamed on various music platforms.

4. Amazing God

If you require some spiritual jams that will propel you as you give glory to the Almighty, then, Mercy Chinwo’s “Amazing God” is definite to go to. Amazing God is another lovely song by the Port Harcourt gospel singer that has continuously gone wider since its release in 2021.

Amazing God is one of Mercy Chinwo’s double singles that was released on her birthday in September 2021. Proudly produced by EeZee Conceptz, Amazing God is a nice record that has the singer glorifying the name of the Most High God for his kindness, favor, blessings, and marvelous presence. While it has not yet received an award yet, Mercy’s song Amazing God has garnered over 1.4 million views plus over 15 thousand likes on YouTube.

5. Bor Ekom

One of the reasons Mercy’s songs go viral, especially in Nigeria, is due to her continuous use of indigenous languages in her songs. She is basically known for producing songs that go all the way to touch everyone regardless of their indigenous backgrounds.

Bor Ekom is one of mercy Chinwo’s most anticipated tracks that have continued to trend since its release in 2018, from her album The Cross: My Gaze. The single has Mercy singing in the Efik language of the indigenous Efik people in the present-day Cross River state and Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria.

The six-minute, nine seconds long gospel song whose title could be translated to mean “Receive Thanks” has the singer praising God for being man’s only source of help. With lines like “Ayanga Owo Ke Mfon” [He that helps man for free], “Ukpono eyene fi” [may honor be unto you], “Bor Ekom do” o [Receive thanks O], you cannot help but dance to the rhythmic rhymes of the song even if you are not from Efik tribe.

The video of the worship song was released almost immediately after its audio helped to celebrate African cultural differences. As the daughter of an Akwa Ibom woman, Mercy did not fail to perfectly represent the cultural heritage of her maternal home, and as expected it garnered over 5 million views plus over 30 thousand likes on YouTube.

Best of Mercy Chinwo’s songs that still make the most buzz would therefore include the following

  • Testimony (2015)
  • Igwe (2016)
  • Trust (2017)
  • Excess Love (2018)
  • Chinedum (2018)
  • Akamdinelu (2019)
  • Bor Ekom (2019)
  • Amazing God (2019)
  • Obinasom (2020)

A Complete List of Mercy Chinwo’s Songs

  • Testimony (2015)
  • Igwe (2016)
  • Trust (2017)
  • Excess Love (2018)
  • Chinedum (2018)
  • Akamdinelu (2019)
  • Amazing God (2019)
  • Obinasom (2020)
  • Omekannaya (2018)
  • No More Pain (2018)
  • Regular ft Fiokee (2018)
  • Imenem (2018)
  • Akamdinelu (2019)
  • Bor Ekom (2019)
  • Incredible God (2019)
  • Excess Love Rmx ft J.J Hairston (2019)
  • Power Belongs to Jesus (2019)
  • Na You Dey Reign (2020)
  • Strong Tower (2020)
  • Onememma (2020)
  • Baby Song (2020)
  • Udeme (2020)
  • Oh Jesus (2020)
  • Kosi (2020)
  • Yahweh (2021)
  • Suddenly (2021)
  • Onyedikagi (2021)

How Many Music Albums Has Mercy Chinwo Produced?

Signed to EeZee Conceptz since 2017, gospel singer Mercy Chinwo has, as of the time of writing this piece, produced two successful albums. Her first album, The Cross: My Gaze was released on February 20, 2018, and it contained sixteen soul-uplifting gospel songs that are still trending in the Nigerian Christian space singles. They include some of her most trending songs like “Omekannaya”, Excess Love, Bor Ekom, and Igwe.

Although some of the hit singles contained in the album were not initially produced by EeZee Conceptz, it is largely believed that her being signed to the record label helped her rise to fame.

EeZee Conceptz is a gospel music record label owned and managed by Mr. Ezekiel ThankGod. Apart from Mercy Chinwo, the label has signed other big artists like Preye Odede, GUC – Gift Ugochi Christopher, Hilda Dokubo, and Frank Edwards. Under Eazy Concepts, Mercy Chinwo’s first album received wide positive reviews, including 98% likes from Google users.

Through the success of most of the hit tracks in the album, she was able to receive her first award at the 2018 Climax Awards where she won the Best Gospel Artiste of the year. The following year, her song “Excess Love” won the Africa Gospel Song of the Year. Just within one month of its release, Mercy Chinwo’s 16-track set garnered millions of views upon its release on YouTube.

All the Songs Contained in Mercy Chinwo’s First Album The Cross: My Gaze

  • Intro
  • Bor Ekom
  • My Responsibility
  • Incredible God
  •  Receive It
  • Excess Love
  •  Omekannaya
  • With All My Heart feat. Chris Morgan
  • Igwe
  •  Rest feat. Olaitan Odoko
  • Omotalk Skit
  • Regular feat. Fiokee
  • Imenem
  • Correct
  •  I Am
  • Inhedinma feat. Shady B

Soaring higher in her musical career, Mercy Chinwo dropped her second music album Satisfied in 2020. Speaking on why she chose the title Satisfied, the singer revealed that it embodies how fulfilled and contented everyone should be considering the “finished work of Christ on the cross”.

The 15-track set was officially released on July 3, 2020, and it is largely considered to comprise songs of victory, thanksgiving, and soul/spirit-lifting songs – the kind you would listen to and experience the manifestation of God. The album was rated as one of the most liked Christian albums by Google users.

On YouTube, it garnered over 2 million views plus thousands of likes. The success of the album was crowned with a notable Gospel Artiste of the year award she received at the 2020 African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).

Mercy Chinwo’s albums are indeed some of the best Christian albums you will find around. It reveals the versatility of this blessed gospel minister Mercy Chinwo as she expresses joy and showers praise and worship in various genres and languages, with an aim of leading us to the presence of God.

All the Tracks Contained in Mercy Chinwo’s Second Album Satisfied 

  • Baby Song
  • Udeme
  • Tasted Of Your Power
  • Onye
  • Obinasom
  • Onememma – Ft. Chioma Jesus –
  • Na You Dey Reign
  • Kosi
  • Oh Jesus
  • Akamdinelu
  • Strong Tower
  • Chinedum
  • Excess Love Remix Ft. JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise
  • Sure Thing
  • No More Pain

Mercy Chinwo’s Awards and Achievements

Thanks to a very successful music career, Mercy has achieved so much in just about a decade. It was a sense of fulfillment and feelings of excitement for the young Excess Love crooner when she received her very first music award at the CLIMAX Awards 2018. This happened just three years after she officially launched her career with her first single “Testimony”.

Mercy received more awards in 2019. The year could, in fact, be described as one of her best years as a gospel music star as she took home three notable awards in the categories of Africa Gospel New Artiste of the Year, Africa Gospel Female Artiste of the Year, and Africa Gospel Song of the Year (Excess Love).

At the 2019 Africa gospel music and media awards (AGMMA), Mercy won the Artiste of Excellence West Africa award category, beating the likes of Preye Odede, Okay Sokay, and  Ghana’s Joyce Blessing. Even her album The Cross: My Gaze won the Album of Excellence award category.

At the 2020 AFRIMMA, she joined other top music stars across Africa to take home a notable award. By winning the Best Gospel Artist award category, Mercy became one of the very few Nigerian female singers to win the organization’s award for the year. Other notable Nigerian celebrities that received awards at the event include Rema, Simi, Flavour, Cuppy, and Poco Lee.

List of Awards Mercy Chinwo has so far Received Includes

  • Best Gospel Artiste, CLIMAX Awards, 2018
  • Female Artiste of the Year, Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST), 2019
  • New Artiste of the Year, Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST), 2019
  • Song of the Year ‘Excess Love’, Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST), 2019
  • Female African Artiste of the Year, Gospel Touch Music Awards, 2019
  • Gospel Artiste of the Year, Galaxy Music Awards (2019)
  • Artiste of Excellence West Africa, Africa Gospel Music Awards – AGMMA (2019)
  • Gospel Artiste of the year at the AFRIMMA Awards (2020)
  • Best Gospel Artist at the African Entertainment Awards USA (2021)


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