Ben Murray Bruce Vows To Fight Buhari In 2019


Senator Ben Murray Bruce, also known as ‘Common Sense Senator’ has said he would fight President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

The business mogul and Senator representing Bayelsa East senatorial district, in an interview with Peace Hyde on Forbes Africa Television programme, declared that Buhari had his support for now, but that in 2019, he would battle the President.

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Murray Bruce stressed that he would support Buhari to grow the economy, until 2019. Hear him;

“Buhari is the president today, he is my president. I must respect him regardless of what I feel.

“In 2019, we can fight but right now I want the economy to grow. If I take the position that I want to destroy APC and destroy Nigeria, will there be any Nigeria for me to fix in 2019?

So it’s a dumb move to try to destroy your president or somebody you hate and destroy your country in the process. I’ll fight Buhari in 2019 but today he is my president; I will support him.”

The founder of the Silverbird group further called on President Buhari to appoint Ministers with “common sense” to solve the challenges currently confronting the nation.

In his opinion, a lot of people in government do dumb things, and he has advised successive Nigerian presidents to appoint a “Minister of Common Sense’.

The common sense Senator said the Minister of Common Sense will not have a budget. All the minister would do is to think about Nigeria and find solutions to the problems of Nigeria without thinking about enriching himself.

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Speaking on the western media’s coverage of Nigeria, Senator Murray Bruce said; “The Western press don’t like you. Don’t be fooled. They see you as a product and sometimes you have value. They don’t see you as the destination for any major event, they will hit you hard.”


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