EXPOSED! Ben Bruce Questions 2017 Budget Allocations For The Presidency


Senator Ben Murray Bruce has once again taken to his Twitter account to lash out at the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari over the extravagant allocation for presidency maintenance approved in 2017 budget.

The lawmaker who represents Bayelsa East tweeted about several allocations that have aggravated the economic situation in Nigeria and he captioned:

“With a minimum wage of ₦18,000, the ₦250 million budgeted for the Vice President’s gatehouse can pay the salaries of 13,888 Nigerians!

“The 2.9 billion voted for honoraria for the presidency and its agencies in a recession can feed 1 million starving IDPS in NE for 2 months!

“The budget for catering equipment for Aso Rock can pay minimum wage for 10,000 Nigerians. What happened to equipment budgeted for last year?

The 2017 budget and other years budget figures allocated for the presidency in Nigeria has always remained a subject of controversy. For starters, Daily Post reported that a total sum of N1.6 billion was allocated to Buhari office, while N448.6 million was allocated to the office of the Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo.

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Cost of running office of President

  • It is alleged that out of the N1.3 billion for the President’s office, N736.4 million is earmarked for international travels;
  • N239.2 million for local travels and N5.6million for postages and courier services;
  •  Foodstuffs and catering materials are pegged at N114.9 million, the same rate as in 2016 budget;
  • N188million for general services;
  • N53.8 million as miscellaneous expenses; and
  • N48.2 for publicity and advertisements.

Allocations for office of the Vice- President

  • For the office of the Vice-President, N218.2 million is for international travel,
  • N88.3million for local travels;
  • Foodstuff and cost of catering material are budgeted at N53.4 million
  • N21.3 million for general services, honorarium, and allowances, and
  • N6.9million for office stationery and computer consumables.

Others allocations from 2017 budget

  • Welfare packages stand at N24.4 million;
  • publicity and advertisements N14.6 million;
  • N5.7 million for sporting activities;
  • N1.7 million for postages and courier services; and
  • cooking gas fuel costs N246, 000.

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Senator Bruce has advocated for a dignified governance where the people’s need is made a top priority. In his years as a senator, he has lent a voice to the stifled protests and cry of Nigerians against a bad government that squanders national revenue.

Last year, it was reported that Bruce donated his wardrobe allowance for unpaid salaries of workers in Osun state, to the amazement of many since few leaders in the country has ever been known to do such.