Woman Begs Court For Divorce: My Husband No Longer Ejaculates In Me


A 36-year-old woman Sherifat Adetunji, on Friday asked a Lagos Customary Court to grant her a divorce on the grounds that her husband no longer ejaculated  inside her during sex.

Sherifat said her marriage was beautiful until until some five years ago when she started noticing behavioral changes in her husband.

She said:

“My husband has been starving me sexually, sometimes he will not touch me for a whole year and when he did, he would not release inside me.”

“I have complained severally about my dissatisfaction over his attitude towards our sexual life, but has refused to change”

She also brought to the attention of the court an incident that occurred when her husband invited a strange man into their home in the middle of the night to perform some rituals.

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The mother of two also told the court that she noticed that after the rituals, she began losing weight mysteriously.

“My husband brought a man to pass the night in our house and that in the middle of the night they performed some rituals since then I have been growing lean.”

“He did not show any concern about my state of health or why I was growing lean everyday”

She asked the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her the custody of their two children, Alia, 8, and Kismat, 5.

In his defense, Sherifat’s husband, Monsuru, a 38 year old trader said he was surprised that his wife was unhappy in the union. He said he thought everything was blissful seeing that they hardly had disagreements.

He however admitted his sexual behaviour, saying that it was due to the current economic recession so as to prevent his wife from getting pregnant.

“I stopped making love to her regularly and releasing in her because of the present economic situation in the country so that she does not get pregnant.”

“The man she said I brought home was a distant relation who had no place to pass the night.”

He urged the court to dissolve the marriage as he was no longer interested in the marriage because she had packed out of their matrimonial home.

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The Court President, Mr Awos Awosola, said that marriage institution could only work if the two were in agreement.

“Marriage is for two people, not one; your wife should also have a say in the home.”

“Since she has complained severally that you are starving her sexually, you should have made amends.

“If you do not want to get her pregnant you can always use condom”