Beat FM OAP Confesses About His Flaws, Bad Habits


On air personality of Beat FM, Osikhena Dirisu, popularly known as Osi, recently shared with his Twitter followers an open letter to his future wife, disclosing his flaws, bad habits and several attempts to commit suicide. Sometime ago, the presenter shared pictures of himself and a totally naked female model on his Instagram page.

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After he received so many negative comments and reactions, the graduate of Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Benin, tendered an apology saying “To everyone that found that picture offensive I apologize. Pictures are a form of art and everyone has a different perception.”

Seems like the OAP was in another sober mood few days ago, that warranted his sort of confession to his future wife. This is what he wrote.

“Letter to My Next Girlfriend,

“You know how they say you get heartbroken and you forget to fall in love? But I am willing to give it a try and work on my flaws. And also to make sure you meet a perfect gentleman when you eventually decide to cross my path.”

“My name is Osikhena, it was given to me by my maternal grandma. It means Gold I fear. I guess I am living up to my name if my stubbornness accounts for anything. I am very strong willed, I always start any venture I embark on except doing dishes.”

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“I have a lot of flaws. I am pretty impatient. I sometimes have fits of anger and I forget a lot. But in the midst of my flaws I believe I am somewhat still a great guy. I am very emotional even if I try to hide it. I believe I am very funny. I am very creative and I love my Job. I want to send you flowers just because it’s Tuesday. I want to help you take off your shoes and ask how your day went…”

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