BBNaija Season 6 Eviction Process and How to Vote For The Celebrity You Want to Keep

Reality TV shows are a favorite pastime of many Nigerians. This is because they offer lots of entertainment, excitement, suspense, and the opportunity to be part of someone’s life success. In other words, people get emotionally invested in the show, and these are the hallmarks of a good show. Big Brother Naija, for short, BBN or BBNaija, has all the makings of a good show and even more. The show is currently in its 6th season, and the BBNaija Season 6 eviction process is a whole new thriller.

This show is the most popular on Nigerian TV, especially now, and it’s not difficult to see why. The winner is set to go home with N90 million worth of prizes. N30 million cash, and many other prizes, both cash and kind. The show has been on for about two weeks, and since then, the viewership has continued to grow. Every week the viewership reaches a head on Sunday when housemates are to be evicted.

Overview of what BBNaija Reality Show is All About

For the uninitiated, here’s what the show is about. The Big Brother Naija reality TV show is a social experiment. Several contestants called housemates ranging in number from 12 to 22 stay together in a house for several days. The highest being 72 days. During this time, they live their lives and perform tasks given to them by Big Brother, who virtually runs the house.

They don’t get to see Biggie; they only hear his voice and follow his instructions. The overall objective of the game is to win the prize money. As the contestants go through the BBNaija Season 6 eviction process, their numbers drop, and then the winner is decided through viewers’ votes. This show happens once a year. The theme for this year’s Big Brother Naija is “Shine Ya Eyes.”

BBNaija Season 6 Eviction Process

This years’ Big Brother Naija welcomed 22 housemates, 11 males and 11 females. And usually, every week, a certain number of housemates are put up for eviction or elimination. How do people get put up for eviction? Well, they are usually nominated.

Winning Arena Games Offers Immunity from Eviction

Arena games are like tasks that Big Brother gives the housemates to do. The arena is a large open space where these games are performed. These games can be individual games or team games. They can also be physical, cognitive, or a mixture of both.

Usually, the most important of these arena games are those where the winner gets to be Head of House, which then offers immunity. Sometimes when this arena game is played in teams, the team that wins the game also gets immunity from eviction in the new week.

Also, those who win the games could win cash prizes from companies that sponsor the show, travel tickets, or the products these companies deal in. For example, IVM might decide to give out a cash price of N1 million or give out one of their cars to the winner of that game. Some housemates get to win lots of cash prizes before the end of the show.

Housemates Nominate Fellow Housemates for Possible Eviction

So sometime during the week, Biggie calls the housemates into the diary room, and each one is asked to nominate one person for eviction. The housemates with the highest number of nominations get put up for eviction.

The head of the house always has immunity from eviction throughout the period they are Head of House. They also have the power to save someone from eviction. During the arena games, one could also win immunity, apart from the other prices they stand to win.

A Housemate can also be Evicted for Bad Behavior

Sunday is the live show, the eviction proper. The results of the votes come in, an independent body verifies it, and then the results are announced. Now, this is the standard way contestants are eliminated from the house. But one can be eliminated for bad behavior though. Such as fighting, using abusive words on housemates, and flouting Biggie’s rules. Hitting a fellow housemate or fighting will lead to outright eviction.

For other bad behaviors, the housemate gets 2 warning strikes, and on the third one, the housemate is out. This brings to mind Erica Nlewedim from the previous season tagged BBNaija Lockdown Season and Tacha from the BBNaija Pepper Dem season. Of course, if a housemate is evicted for bad behavior, viewership votes won’t matter, and whether the housemate is up for eviction or not will still not matter. Sometimes, a housemate loses all they have won in the house if evicted in this manner.

Wild Cards and How This Season is Different From Previous Seasons

The previous seasons of BBN have always had 20 housemates, but this season is different. This is due to the presence of wildcards. Wildcards in this season are fake housemates. There were two this year, Maria and Pere. Now the job of the housemates was to fish them out. However, the housemates were unsuccessful in this; therefore, there was no eviction on Week one, which would have been the wildcards.

Now Pere and Maria have officially become legitimate BBNaija Season 6 housemates. And as a punishment for the other housemates not discovering who the wildcards were, Pere and Maria nominated other housemates for eviction. Of course, the Head of House has the power to save and replace, which he did.

How to Vote for Your Favourite BBNaija Season 6 Housemate

The voting process is different this year. There is no more SMS voting, but there are only two ways to vote on BBnaija Season 6 and save your fave housemate from eviction. These two methods are on the Africa magic Website and mobile site.

MyDstv App and MyGotv App for DStv and GOtv Subscribers Only

  • To vote for your favorite housemates on BBN S6, you should be an active subscriber.
  • The next step is you’ll register with your details such as names, year of birth, phone number, gender, and location before voting.
  • This registration is to be done on whatever platform you’re voting with. Whether it’s via the website, mobile site, or the app.
  • The app is only for subscribers.
  • Those subscribed to DStv can vote on MyDstv, and those who subscribe to Gotv can vote on MyGotv if you’re using an eligible package.
  • This voting method is open to Nigerians only.

Voting on the Website –

To start your voting, go to Register and vote. Each user is entitled to not more than 100 votes. Voting is free; however, your network service provider will charge you for data use. With the website and mobile sites method, you can vote from any part of the world you are in.

How to Watch BBNaija Season 6

You should have GOtv or DStv to watch and follow the BBNaija Season 6 eviction process.

GOtv Users

On GOtv, Big Brother Naija is available on Channel 29, and you can watch all the happenings live on this channel. For highlights, head to the Africa Magic Family channel, where you can also see eviction shows. This is available for only GOtv Max and Gotv Jolli packages.

DStv Users

For DStv subscribers, Big Brother Naija is available on channel 198. This is available on all DStv packages. For highlights and the weekly eviction show, head over to any of these channels, Africa Magic Family channel 154, Africa Magic urban Channel 153, and Africa Magic Showcase Channel 151.

Mobile App

You can also watch it on your mobile device. All you need is an active DStv subscription and then download the DStv Now app from the App Store or Google Playstore.

Africa Magic Website

To watch on a laptop or desktop, visit and sign in using your decoder details.


You can use video-on-demand services like Showmax to watch this year’s BBN. Showmax is a 24 hours live streaming platform. This season of BBN promises to be a lot of fun. Help keep your favorite housemate safe from the BBNaija Season 6 eviction process by constantly voting for your faves.


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