Barack Obama: All You Need To See About The Recent Vacation Everyone Is Talking About [Photos]


For the first time after former US president, Barack Obama handed over to Donald Trump, he took a vacation with his wife, Michelle.

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The former president went on a fun spree visit to the private island of his billionaire friend Richard Branson. As seen in released photos, the duo had mad fun as they engaged in some extreme sports; kite-surfing and boat cruising while catching up.

The Obamas Arrive at Branson's Private Island
The Obamas Arrive Branson’s Private Island

Just after Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, Barack Obama and his family first went on a treat to Palm Springs, California for a few days. After which they traveled to the British Virgin Islands to spend some time with Branson as well as hang out with some friends, this time without the girls.

Barack Obama KiteSurfs: All You Need To See About The Vacation Everyone Is Talking About [Photos]
The Obamas and friends

In a blog post on Tuesday, Branson shared how honored he was for this to go through: the invite to Obama and Michelle visiting his island.

Branson wrote:

“One of the first stories Barack told me when he and Michelle arrived on Moskito Island was how, just before he became President, he had been surfing on a dangerous break in Hawaii.

“When he came in from an exhilarating session, the new head of his security team turned to him and said: ‘This will be the last time you surf for eight years.’

“For the next eight years, he didn’t have the chance to surf, enjoy watersports or do many of the things he loved. So it was tremendous to offer him the chance to learn to kitesurf.”

This trip was just what Obama needed to help unwound from eight hectic years in the White House governing the great people of the United States.

With little or nothing to worry his pretty head about, Obama threw caution to the wind as he smiled widely, and embraced nature and its cozy air and ambiance.


The former President even went into a competition with Branson to see who could stay up the longest on their kite-surfing boards.

According to Branson, he came up with the challenge that involved Obama learning how to kite-surf, while he [Branson] who is already an expert in the sport, learnt how to kite-surf with a foil board. Surprisingly Obama beat his host to the task.

Obama and Branson

As you can see in the video, Barack and Branson fell many times, but kept trying again and again and made progress over the days. They kept on it until the last run on the last day. Branson thought he was winning until he saw Barack go 100 meters on his kiteboard.


Branson wrote:

“After all he has done for the world, I couldn’t begrudge him his well-deserved win. Now he has left, I’m going back into the water to practice for the next challenge. On his next visit, we plan to do the long kite over to Anegada together. Next time, may the best (British) man win!”

After an over-a-week relaxing vacation at Branson’s private island, Barack Obama and Michelle went back to Washington, DC. They intend to live there till their youngest daughter, Sasha graduates from high school.

Vacation Vibes: Watch Obama KiteSurf

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