God Said Banky W is My Husband – Mystery Lady Writes


Funny though, but someone is about to get hitched. An anonymous lady wrote to R&B singer, Banky W, about God’s revelation to her that he (Banky W) was her husband. The CEO of EME Records shared a screenshot of the message he got from the unknown lady, who says she has heard from God three times about “Mr, Capable” becoming her “Mr. Right”

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Seems like the singer did not take the message seriously; he only posted the screenshot of her message and wrote underneath “People are seeing visions about me now ohhh “God” told her 3 times? At least He should tell me once na ah ahn #lol #smh.”

Banky W is really hot and single, so no one can place tangible blame on this young lady who cannot stop fantasizing about becoming the bride of the eligible bachelor. This is her message to the singer:

”Good evening Sir. My names are (withheld). I had revelations thrice that you are my husband. Don’t think I am stupid, Please call me I wish to meet with you. (Then she added her phone numbers) Thank You sir. God bless you!”

“Good morning Sir,” she wrote again! “I love to tell you more about myself. As we are in the world of scammers, please I am for real, try to contact me. I am made to know three times by revelation that you are my hubby.”

“For me it is hard to believe. I have been contacting friends and praying for a connection that will bring us together, Check my profile on FB. You can call my numbers on true caller to be sure I am not a 419 person. Please Sir, you can pray about it God will speak.”

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The lady went ahead to write a brief biography about herself. Her first name starts with the letter “G” and she is also Yoruba like the talented singer she wishes to marry. According to the lady’s post, she is from Ekiti state and resides with her parents in Ado. She says she is from a humble family; her mother is a retired nurse and her father is a School Principal in Ekiti state.

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Could it be that the men scarcity proclaimed by Nkiru Sylvanus has influenced this lady to come up with a gimmick to get Banky, or it is God’s will that the popular musician settles down with a humble girl from Ekiti state. What would you do if you were in Banky W’s shoes?