Shocking Photos Of Baby Born With Heart Outside His Body


A baby born with the heart outside his body (a rare case of disorder) at a local hospital in Gaidam area of Yobe state has left people shocked.

After his birth, the baby was immediately rushed to University Teaching Hospital, Maiduguri, Borno State – for a life-saving surgery.

Medically, this is an incredibly rare condition and usually babies are stillborn or die within three days.

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Though the identity of both mother and baby are yet to be known, we all hope that this little baby’s story will be a miracle just like that of American survivor Ryan Marquiss.

baby born with heart outside body 2

In 2012, DailyMail reported the case of Ryan Marquiss born in Pennsylvania, USA. He was born with his heart outside of his body, and doctors didn’t expect him to survive.

Ryan’s case was such a rare one because he had a combination of defects, where his heart also hadn’t developed and so he only had half a heart, making it the only one of his kind in the world.

This incredibly rare defect, ectopia cordis, affects only eight in every million births and ninety percent of these are stillborn or die within three days.

baby born with heart outside body 3

And adding to that, Ryan was also suffering from hypoplastic right heart syndrome, where only the left side of the heart has developed properly.

Doctors advised his devastated parents to terminate the pregnancy when his mother was just 12 weeks pregnant, but they bravely refused.

Doctors at the Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington delivered him at the end of February 2009 by caesarian, helped by a team of 30 medical professionals.

Ryan had to have an operation at just two weeks old to have a central shunt placed in his heart to ensure proper blood flow.

Then he underwent more than a dozen operations over the next two years. He had operations to replumb his heart so that the half a heart would do the job of a full size heart. Doctors also put tissue expanders under his skin to produce more skin so they could use it to cover his exposed heart.

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Mrs Marquiss, 34, said they wanted to let nature take its course, so they refused to have the termination. Their gamble however paid off as Ryan survived to celebrate his 3rd birthday as at 2012.