A Baby Stabbed 14 Times, Buried In A Shallow Grave By Mum….Yet Survives


A newborn baby named Aidin, made a miraculous recovery despite being stabbed 14 times and buried alive in a shallow grave in Thailand. He had been dumped face down in a 20 cm grave in Khon Kaen province in Thailand in February, just days after he was born.

The baby had suffered horrendous knife injuries before he was placed in the ground alive and left for dead.

However, a passing cattle herder Kachit Krongyut saw a tiny foot sticking out of the ground under a eucalyptus tree. She then heard the faint cries of the boy and realized that it was a baby buried under the tree.

The 53-year-old woman then began frantically digging up the soil with her hands and discovered the injured newborn.

Aidin was rushed to hospital to be treated for 14 stab wounds on his tiny body and remarkably, doctors said it was the pressure from the soil against his body that prevented Aidin from bleeding to death.

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Mrs Krongyut said:

“At first, I thought someone buried their pets alive, but then I saw a foot.
I tried to control myself and called for help. The baby was buried with its face facing down”.

Baby Aidin Was Stabbed And Buried Alive But Miraculously Survives

After being nursed back to health, baby Aidin, now seven-month-old, was taken to a local orphanage where he is now set for a dream life as he is about to be adopted by a couple in Sweden.

Supachai Pathimchart from the Kaen Thong Orphanage where Aidin was cared for said they were “very happy” for him.

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He said:

“All of the safety checks have been carried out to make sure Aidin goes to a good home. We’re very happy that he will be going to a good home and have a comfortable life. He survived a very bad experience but he has a lot of character and he’s happy with life”.

While Mrs Krongyut and her husband Pornchai, who rescued the infant, said they were delighted that Aidin is going to a good home, Mr Krongyut said:

He is very lucky. A few hours later and he might not have survived.
We’re very happy that he has found a loving home to go to. He will do well in life we’re sure”.

Doctors believe that baby Aidin may have been abused by his mother, a 42-year-old local woman. Footprints and motorbike tracks left at the scene helped police to locate her. She was tracked down and charged with attempted murder and abandoning her own child.