Baba Suwe Net Worth, House, and the Cars He Left Behind

The late Baba Suwe, who was born on 22 August 1958 and died on 22 November 2021, aged: 63, had a net worth of at least $500,000 (above ₦200 million) at the time of his death.

The famous Nigerian actor, who was also known as Kenkenlewu, gained a reputation for his roles in Yoruba movies such as Baba Jaiye and Baba Londoner. He also ran a family YouTube comedy channel known as “Baba Suwe Family.” Baba Suwe’s talent could not have shielded him from the world, and it also contributed to his net worth. Despite the fact that he lost his life along the line in 2021, he immortalized his name through acting and also made fortune and accolades.

How Much was Baba Suwe’s Net Worth?

Baba Suwe’s net worth was estimated to be nothing less than $500,000 (more than ₦200 million). This figure is nonetheless contradictory as some sources claim that the Nigerian actor could be worth as high as $5 million.

Despite the several claims as regards the net worth of the late actor, he never gave any insight into his exact income earning, and neither has his family attested to or refuted the claims of any internet report. As such, all that is available is only an estimation.

Baba Suwe made his wealth chiefly from acting for about 4 decades before his demise.

He Started Acting at 13 Years and Became a Professional at 18 Years

The Lagos State-born Baba Suwe started his career as an actor in 1971 in a school drama when he was about 13. Professionally, he started acting at 18, around 1976, when he started to perform on stage with “Osumare Theatre Group.”

His career became noticeable, and he got into TV, acting on NTA Channel 7 and LTV 8. In the coming years, Baba landed several other roles as an actor. Regardless, it was in the 1990s that he became a household name when he featured in Iru Esin and Obalende-produced film, Omolasan

Baba Suwe Appeared in More Than 50 Yoruba Films

Babatunde Omidina appeared in well over 50 movies in his career, which contributed to his net worth. One thing peculiar about his career was his ability to play roles in the 1970s, and even when many actors of his era retired, he continued to push through. He appeared in films with some of the highest-paid Nollywood actors, such as Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo.

Despite his interpretation of roles, mainly in Yoruba films, Baba Suwe’s exact salary per film remains unknown. In spite of this, there are claims by Daily Post Nigeria in 2013 that some Yoruba actors earn as low as ₦10,000, with only a few actors earning about ₦400,000 per role at the time.

While this claim cannot be ascertained, the report and a few others claimed that Baba Suwe was the highest-paid Yoruba actor at a point before Odunlade Adekole surpassed him with an income of ₦250,000 per feature film.

Regardless of the report, Baba was featured in numerous Yoruba films that count more than 50, and with each role came payment for his feature. He was mostly featured as a comedian.

Some of Baba Suwe’s Films

  • Ìkúnlè kèsán (2008)
  • Nkan Agbara (2008)
  • Ó kojá òfin (2007)
  • Aimasiko Eda (2006)
  • Owo Laso Oge (2005)
  • Ito Funfun (1 & 2, 2004)
  • Kówópé (2004)
  • Kunle Alájesékù (1 &2, 2004)
  • Nkan elegé (2004)
  • Ògo ìdílé (2004)
  • Olorun Esan (2004)
  • Omo Olè  (2004)
  • 36 Kinium (1 & 2, 2003)
  • Arewa Okunrin (2003)
  • Babie Á (2003)
  • Erù elérù (2003)
  • Oyato (2003)
  • Perosoko (2003)
  • Súnmibáre (1 & 2)
  • Àkóbí Gómìnà (1 & 2)
  • Kadara Afri-T (2002)

He was Involved in a Family YouTube Series

The “Baba Suwe’s Family” is a comedy family series that featured the actor and his son, Adesola Omidina, who is also popular as Omo-Omidina. Other actors in the series are Damilola Omoaje and Shina Ikupamiti.

The series was produced by “22nd Studios” and started to air in 2020. Despite his demise, the series has continued to air with other actors, including Omo-Omidina as the key actor. From the episodes that Suwe had featured in, over 500,000 views have been generated. Anyway, what is not certain is how much the late comedian may have made through it.

Based on an estimation on YouTube earning of $0.5 per 1000 views, he may have earned $150. If going by sources that claim that $3 is paid per 1000 views on the streaming platform, then it is safe to say he may have earned about $1,500.

He Won More Than $155,000 From NDLEA For Abuse and Infringement of Rights

In 2011, at the time Baba Suwe was 53, he was arrested on his way to Paris and was kept in custody by the NDLEA for suspected drug trafficking. Even though he maintained his innocence, he was not granted bail.

As a result, he headed to court, and the judge awarded him $155,000 (about ₦25 million at the time). Apart from the money, the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency was asked to apologize to the comedian after it was proven that there was nothing in his system, yet he was abused, and there was an infringement of his fundamental right.

There were reports in 2013 that the actor did not receive the money after the Appeal court overturned the initial judgment of the high court. According to Baba, he did not receive any amount from NDLEA as compensation, and the case was quickly forgotten, especially after the demise of his attorney, Bamidele Aturu.

Did Baba Suwe Own a House or Cars?

Baba Suwe, whose net worth is estimated at $500,000, owned a number of houses in Nigeria. Those known by the public were his houses at Ewu-Elepe, Ikorodu, Lagos State, and another house also in Ikorodu, where he was buried.

He, nonetheless, lost his Ewu-Elepe home to demolition when Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State ordered the demolition of some properties for road expansion around the area. In June 2021, it was announced that he received a ₦3.1 million compensation fee from the Lagos State Government.

In the line of the cars he owned, Baba Suwe kept a private life. Hence, it is difficult to say how many cars he owned. Despite this, he owned a V-boot Mercedez Car that had an accident sometime in 2006.

He Lost Some of His Fortune Due to Ailment

Following Baba Suwe’s arrest by the NDLEA in 2011, the actor recalled suffering from health challenges that included irregularities in his legs. He further suffered from other ailments, which included chronic diabetes. He purportedly used a huge part of his income in trying to get his health back. However, along the line, there was information that the former actor was in need of financial help but was abandoned by his colleagues.

In January 2019, many actors and other well-wishers, including actress Iyabo Ojo, Liz Anjorin, TAMPAN National, and NGOs, among others, raised millions of Naira for Baba Suwe’s treatment.

He was then said to have headed to the United States for treatment in April 2019 and later returned to Nigeria about a month later.

Who Inherited Baba Suwe’s Wealth?

Baba Suwe died on 22 November 2021, and it was announced by his son, Adesola Omidina. As of this writing, it is not clear who he left his wealth to. He may have had a Will that showed who inherited what but this is not public knowledge. In a case where he did not live any, the customary law would be used. In this scenario, the Yoruba culture of inheritance would be adopted.

Inheritance, according to the cultures of Baba Suwe’s ethnicity, Yoruba, a deceased’s property would be shared equally among his wives, and each wife would share accordingly with her children. In a situation where there is just a wife, the wealth will be shared among the wife as well as the children.

Going by this and assuming the veteran actor never had a valid Will, his wealth may have been shared among his children, including his first son, Akanni Sherif Omidina, and his famous actor son Adesola Omidina.

The actor was married twice – to actress Monsurat Omoladun Omidina who died in 2009, and Ayodele Omidina who was his wife when he died. As such, Ayodele may have also inherited a part of her late husband’s property and money. Apart from the wealth that the veteran actor may have left for his family, he also left his legacy and a name that his first son, Akanni promised to keep.


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