Ayo Adesanya Was Once Married – Meet Her Ex-Husband and The Son They Share

Ayo Adesanya is a veteran Nollywood actress, director, and producer who has enjoyed tremendous success in her career of over two decades. But, unfortunately, she is yet to achieve such a level of success in her love life. Ayo Adesanya has once been married, and even though the marriage ended abruptly, she has not stopped finding true love. As a result, the actress has been in multiple romantic relationships since her marriage collapsed like several other marriages in Nollywood and is yet to find a true soul mate with whom she will walk down the aisle.

Despite clocking 51 in 2020, Adesanya has not ruled out the possibility of getting married again. She believes that anything is possible in life and nothing is impossible for God. Nonetheless, she has also stated that not everyone is destined to be married. As such, marriage should not be taken as a do-or-die affair. At the moment, the gorgeous film producer is well focused on her career and taking proper care of her only child, whom she had in her first marriage.

Ayo Adesanya was Previously Married to Omogoriola Hassan

The Palace actress made news headlines in the early 2000s when it was revealed that she had tied the knot with Nigerian actor, director, and producer Omogoriola Hassan. She is quite a private person; thus, she is meticulous about what she shares with the public. Consequently, it’s yet unknown how and when she met her estranged husband. But in one of her interviews, she stated that when she met Hassan, he wasn’t active in the Nigerian film industry, so she helped him build a career in entertainment.

Ayo Adesanya’s ex-husband, now the crowned King of Uba land, was born into a royal family. His father, King Asumon Oyefeso Hassan, came from a royal family in Ijebu Isiwo, while his mother, Chief Mrs. Mulikat Ireyemi Hassan, was from a royal family in Ijebu Ode. Goriola Hassan was crowned the King of Uba land in the Imobi Kingdom in Ogun State after the chief priest and elders of the community consulted with their oracle to confirm whether he was the rightful candidate for the throne, which was affirmative.

Ayo Adesanya and her ex-husband, Omogoriola Hassan

King Hassan has stated that no sacrifice whatsoever was carried out for him to become king, and only certain rituals required by the tradition were performed. Before becoming the oba of Uba land, he was popularly known for his works in Nollywood. He starred in films such as Pansaga, Twins, Iyewa, and Peacemaker. He began his film-producing career in 2000 when he established a production company called NEEHAS. Nicknamed Skulboy, Omogoriola Hassan also directed movies such as Otelemuye, Otelemuye 2 & 3, and Gbokogboko.

The Couple Went Their Separate Ways in 2008

According to Ayo Adesanya, she was never legally married to her ex-husband, Omogoriola Hassan. The two entered into marriage when they decided to become a live-in couple after falling head-over-heels in love with each other. They were reported to be married in 2000, and after over seven years of being together, the former couple called it quits in 2008. So, it happened that the multi-award-winning actress, who has described her love affair with the actor as an entanglement, packed out from their residence in Surulere, Lagos, when her ex-husband went clubbing with his friends.

As a result, the two didn’t go to court to file for a divorce. They just separated due to their differences and have moved on with their lives. In one of her interviews, the actress indirectly hinted that her former partner wasn’t mature enough to handle her career success, which strained their relationship. Also, he didn’t fully understand the nature of her work and profession, which led to a series of issues. When asked if she regrets getting married to Omogoriola Hassan, Ayo Adesanya said she doesn’t regret the relationship. However, she only learned one or two lessons.

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When the love between Ayo and Hassan was blossoming, both got matching tattoos, and when they went their separate ways, the Dancer 2 star made plans to remove the tattoos. This got her ex-partner upset, and he has described getting married to Ayo Adesanya as boarding a ‘one chance’ vehicle. He was so much in love with the actress that he thought he would never meet another woman he could love that way again.

Hassan stated that he was the greatest fool while in the relationship, but now, he is the wisest and happiest. He had since remarried and revealed his marital status when he celebrated his new wife on her birthday in August 2019.

Meet Their Son, Ireayomitide Adeniyi Hassan

While still married to her estranged husband, the stunning film director welcomed a son named Ireayomitide Adeniyi Hassan on May 29th, 2004. He was born in Cook County Hospital situated in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and is being raised by his mum with whom he shares a strong bond. Once in a while, Ayo uploads pictures of her son on her Instagram handle, especially when there are calls for celebration. For instance, during Adeniyi’s 16th birthday, he was celebrated by his mother, who uploaded several photos of herself and Niyi.

She also celebrated her boy, whom she refers to as her confidant and inspiration, when he graduated from high school (Wellspring College) in November 2020. Ayo Adesanya is so thankful to God for blessing her life with a son like Adeniyi.

The Veteran Actress Might Be Single At the Moment

In recent interviews, Ayo Adesanya has reiterated that she will still give marriage a try if she meets a good man that gives her peace of mind. Although she is not searching for the right person now, she has dated some men since her marriage to Hassan collapsed. In 2013, she revealed that she was in a serious relationship that could lead to marriage but didn’t reveal her partner’s name, as she loves keeping her love life away from the media. She also stated in 2017 that she was in a relationship. Currently, the Bstan Group ambassador seems to be single and not searching.

Ayo Adesanya married
Ayo and Pasuma (Image Source)

She was once rumored to have dated Nigerian film actor and singer Wasiu Alabi Odetola, aka Pasuma, in the past as the two were spotted hanging out together. The actor further fueled the rumor by publicly professing his love for Ayo Adesanya and even expressed his desire for them to become man and wife.

However, The Dreamers actress debunked the rumor in April 2021 when she revealed that she has never had a romantic affair with anyone in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She believes that two famous people shouldn’t date or get married as their love life would constantly be a subject of discussion in the media, which would definitely strain the relationship.


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