Ayatul kursi: Holy Quaran’s Most Powerful Verse


The Muslim community is well-known for their strong spiritual growth. This can be attributed to the fact that they follow what is required of them to the letter. The holy book (the Quran) details the guidelines on what is expected of them, one of such verses is Ayatul kursi. The verses guide them on their day-to-day lives. There are numerous advantages that are derived from reading the holy book. However, this does not apply solely to the Muslim community but also the other denominations. Some of these advantages include:

Spiritual growth

This is the main reason as to why people will read the various holy books. This is aimed at knowing what your creator requires of you.

Moral uprightness

Holy books are a rich source of values owing to the fact that in it you will find that what is right and wrong have been distinguished. It is the perfect source of information on how you should behave. In addition, laws that govern most institutions and countries are derived from holy books. Adhering to what you have read is the most important thing in religion. Although it will pose a challenge, only the focused will make it. This calls for you to put a few factors into consideration in order to make it. Some of these factors include:


For you to get the best, you will have to sacrifice all the pleasures of life. This requires a lot of strong will and courage. In addition, prayer will come in handy during such a time.

Understanding what you have read

You will need to understand what you have read in order to put it into good use. There are the religious experts who will be of great help and assist you to  fully understand these teachings.

Ayatul-kursi - Ayatul kursi

The Ayatul Kursi which is found in the second surah ‘Al baqarah’ is the Holy Quran’s most powerful and beneficial verse,  and also the most sought out scripture among the Muslim community. It is believed to have numerous benefits accrued to reading it.

What are the Benefits / Advantages of Verses like Ayatul kursi in the Holy Book?

Some of the benefits include:

• According to Prophet Saw, before leaving home, whoever recites it once; one group of angels will be sent to protect you. If you recite it twice, two groups of angels are assigned to look after you. If you recite it thrice, Allah himself will look after you.

• If you recite the Ayatul kursi, before going to bed, Allah will send an angel to look after your family and neighbors till morning. The angels will protect you from any danger so that you can have a peaceful night.

• If the Ayatul Kursi is recited after performing the Wahoo, The Almighty Allah will give you a reward of 40 years Ibadaat, your position in heaven will then be raised by 40 levels and you will be married off to 40 Hoarins.

• If you recite Ayatul Kursi after every prayer, your salaam will be accepted and you will remain in the safety of Allah for he will protect you.

• If recited after every prayer (Salaat), Allah will make your heart thankful (Shakireen) and give you a reward of the prophets. In addition, your deeds will be like those of the faithful (Siddiqeen). Nothing but death will stop your journey to heaven.

• In this holy verse, there are 50 words and each word has a blessing. This shows how much the verse is blessed.

• If you recite Ayatul Kursi and give it as Hadiya to the dead, it will give the dead noor (light) in the grave.

• If you frequently recite Ayatul Kursi, you make your death easier.

• If you recite it while alone at home, Allah will keep you calm and hence you will not fear anything.

• When leaving home, if you recite Ayatul Kursi, The Almighty will send 70,000 angels to do Istighfaar for you until you return and upon your arrival, poverty will be removed from you.

• If you tie this verse to your wealth and children, then you have put the devil at bay (Shaitaan).

• Recitation of Ayatul Kursi and eating foods such as: sweets and meat of an animal near the neck will increase your memory.

• Reciting Ayatul Kursi alongside other verses such as the Surae Alhand will increase vision.

However, for all the blessings to come your way, you are required to be a staunch believer. In addition, you need to have repented of your sins or else Allah will not hear you.