Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up More Oil Lines, Issue Further Warning


The Niger Delta Avengers has claimed responsibility for the destruction of more oil lines in the Niger Delta, saying that the attacks were “in line with our promise to all international oil companies and indigenous oil companies that Nigeria oil production will be zero”. The group made this known in a series of tweets on its official twitter handle @NDAvengers. It also issued a warning to AGIP against repairing the destroyed oil lines in Bayelsa.

Yesterday, the group denied attacking a military boat in Delta State. The group denied the attacks in the statement posted on its website and signed by its spokesperson, Brid Gen. Mudoch Aginibo.  The statement read:

The Niger Delta Avengers were not involved in the attack of the Military houseboat around Warri, Delta State. Killing of sleeping Soldiers is not our style. We promise the world that in this Process of liberating our People, not a single blood of Nigeria soldiers will be wasted despite the provocation.

Even the Inhumane Nigeria soldiers are exempted, our war is on Oil installations not to take innocent lives. For the fact we can’t give Life, we also don’t have the power to take any life. But we (Avengers) are assuring the Families of the affected soldiers that we will bring the culprits to book.

When it’s time to face the military in combat let the whole world know that we won’t be the ones to throw the first punch.

 This message is going to all groups parading themselves as freedom fighters. You can fight for your people without killing innocent souls NDA have proved it. we were able to drop Nigeria Oil production from 2million Barrels to just 800,000 barrels without killing a soul.

We are warning every group to follow our footsteps. The days of Killing and Kidnapping are over.

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A $1 Billion Environmental Clean-Up Project Is Underway In the Niger Delta.

The group’s activities have dragged oil production in the region to a record 20-year low. It has become the greatest single threat to Nigeria’s economy.

The Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited, today confirmed the group’s claims, saying the attack on its oil lines had forced it to shut down crude exports indefinitely. Responding to news of the oil lines attack, Shell’s spokesman, Bamidele Odugbesan, said the incident happened between a shoreline and the Forcados Export Terminal which impacted seriously on its export capabilities.

“The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited, operator of the SPDC JV, has confirmed signs of a leak on the 48 inch Forcados export pipeline at a location between shoreline and the Forcados terminal in the western Niger Delta, coming on the heels of a reported attack on the pipeline in the early hours of Friday, June 3.

“We are yet to fully evaluate the potential impact and damage to the pipeline resulting from this latest incident. We have however mobilised appropriate oil spill response measures and will be conducting a joint investigation visit to the leak site with relevant stakeholders.

“We are currently focused on securing the pipeline to protect the environment. Given this latest incident and the wider security situation in the Niger Delta, we are unable to determine probable timing of resumption of exports from the Forcados terminal.”

Meanwhile in related news, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, His Exellency, Paul Arkwright, yesterday, in Abeokuta Ogun state, cautioned the Federal Government over using armed force as its means of tackling the resurgence of militancy in the region.

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Paul Arkwright

Mr Arkright stated this shortly after his courtesy visit to the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo in Abeokuta. The insurgence of militant activities in the region had forced the Federal Government to respond by deploying troops to the area’s creeks. He however advocated for the use of dialogue in confronting the problem of militancy in the region. He noted that Britain was already talking to the Nigerian government on the need to take a “comprehensive approach” and not to rely solely on military option as solution to the problem of militancy. He also suggested that same option should be applied in the fight against Boko Haram.

He observed,

“We need to protect the investment there, not just British companies, international companies but Nigerian companies as well. We are talking to Nigerian authorities about that, we need to have what we called a comprehensive approach to this, in other words we need to have dialogue and we need to engage the communities down there.

“We need to understand the grievances of the people down there, we need to ensure the environmental damage is cleaned up. We need to protect the investment there, not just British companies, international companies but Nigerian companies as well. When there is criminal activity, (it) is right that the government should take proactive action against that criminal activity, we strongly support them but we don’t think military solution alone is the final solution to handle issues in Niger Delta.

“And to handle Boko Haram in the North, so we need comprehensive approach and that is what we have been talking to the Nigerian government about. I was very encouraged to hear Hon Minister Ike Chukwu say about the need for dialogue and we are certainly looking to see what we can do to help in dialogue and bring peaceful outcome to what you say is economic threat to this country.”


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