Hear Audu Ogbeh’s Candid Advice To Nigerians In The US


Following Wednesday’s US election results, Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, has lent his voice advising Nigerians living in the US to return home if President-elect, Donald Trump, makes life uncomfortable for them.

Audu Ogbeh who said he was in a bit of shock because of Trump’s victory, adds that the world is witnessing some very dramatic changes, some of which began many years ago.

While speaking to journalists after the federal executive council (FEC) meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, Ogbeh said the current economic theory ravaging the world is now reaching the poor and the ordinary people, causing a lot of stress.

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In his words; “Brexit happened, America has done this now. Many other countries are going to have near extremism ruling the minds of people.

The rest of the world will have to then carefully watch and see the impact first. He made comments about Nigerians when he was campaigning that they had stolen money, they should go back to their country and live.

He has a very low opinion of the blacks and Hispanics. We hope he’ll become a president now for all, including Nigerians and others, resident in the US.”

Though hoping it doesn’t happen, the Minister says the implication for Nigeria may be to re-tune and re-tool our foreign policy to begin to find a situation where we may have to be welcoming some of our people if they come under extreme pressure.

Ogbeh described the US president-elect as a capitalist who has succeeded in “bringing the system down”. He however expressed hopes that Trump will be able to manage the US without falling into the trap he thinks he has freed the others from.

Last month, Audu Ogbeh revealed that representatives of 42 investors from European countries will come into the country this month to consider areas of investment in the various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

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According to the government, the advance teams of the investors will be in Nigeria in November to meet with stakeholders in the different sectors that they wish to invest in, while the full delegation will be in the country by February 2017. The investors would invest in power, agriculture, construction and many other sectors.