At What Age Did Iyabo Ojo Divorce Her Husband And Who Are Her Children?

Iyabo Ojo, the 46 years old Yoruba Nollywood actress, got married to Mr. Ojo, a Lagos-based movie marketer (in 1998) at the age of 21 but not for love. A few years later, and with two children in the marriage (Festus Oladunjoye Ojo and Priscilla Ajoke Ojo), the then would-be Nollywood star called it quits in the union. Overwhelmed by sad emotions, Iyabo however, took solace in her children seeing that she had to work hard and make ends meet to carter for her family of 3. By so doing, she carved out a career as an actress and grew to become one of the industry’s most respected and popular names. But there’s more to Iyabo’s marital travails, triumphs, and the kids she brought into the world.

The Begining Of Iyabo Ojo’s Short-Lived Marriage

In 1999, at the age of 21, Iyabo became pregnant for a Lagos-based movie marketer known as Mr. Ojo. The duo had dated for only 3 months before the pregnancy. It is alleged that Mr. Ojo was instrumental in her pursuing an acting career in Nollywood. Left with no other option at the time, Iyabo Ojo decided to marry the man responsible for her pregnancy. She did so, not because of love, but basically because she didn’t want to have children outside wedlock.

At What Age Did Iyabo Ojo Divorce Her Husband and Who Are Her Children?
Iyabo Ojo and her then-husband Mr. Ojo

Following their marriage, she gave birth to their son, Festus Oladunjoye Ojo. Iyabo was just fresh in the movie industry, filled with ambitions to build her career. Unfortunately, she had to halt her acting career to tend to her motherly duties. Two years later, another baby came, a girl named Priscilla Ajoke Ojo. This further placed a hold on her career, but knowing that more time at home can improve her children’s well-being, she had no option.

Her Divorce And The Reason Behind That Decision

Although blessed with two kids, Iyabo was unhappy in the marriage. She considered divorce several times and prayed to the Lord God Almighty to guide her on what to do. The thought of being labeled names as a divorcee led her to endure the travails in her marriage for some time. However, when she could no longer go on, she became firm that it was time to leave.

The marriage finally crashed in 2001, leaving her with the task of catering for her children and working hard to build her career simultaneously. Depressed and lonely, the actress got strength from seeing her children laugh and play together. She attributed the divorce to her marrying early believing that had she waited for a little longer she would’ve made a different decision about her personal life. Thankfully, she has been able to make a name that rings bells in Nollywood. It seems life has its twists and turns, but it all works out fine should you remain strong and persevere.

Meet Festus, Her First Fruit Who Schools In The USA

Iyabo’s first child is named Festus Oladunjoye Ojo, born June 21, 1999. He is also in the spotlight but not as an actor but as a social media influencer. Regardless, nothing much is known about his personal life except that he graduated from Secondary school in Lagos at age 17. It is also known that he left Nigeria for the United States to further his education. His mother usually celebrates him, especially during his birthdays and special occasions, via social media platforms. Festus and his sister had a reunion with their father after 6 years in the US.

Iyabo’s Daughter, Priscilla Graduated From Babcock University

Like her mother, Priscilla Ajoke Ojo is a public figure and flourishes on social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram (where she has over 1 million followers), and TikTok. She is also a talented artist just like her mother; her exceptional performance on Beyond Disability (co-starring her mother) earned her a nomination for the Best Child Actress at the BON Awards. She is a very influential figure and exceptionally beautiful too.

The younger stunner was born on 13th March 2001; she recently celebrated her 20th birthday in style with sultry pictures to mark her adulthood. She is a graduate of Theatre Arts from Babcock University Ogun State.

She is allegedly dating the Godwin crooner Korede Bello. While Iyabo Ojo has revealed that one of the reasons she married wrong was marrying early, she has advised Priscilla not to marry too late. In a video that went viral on social media, Iyabo Ojo could be heard telling her to get engaged when she turns 23, marry at age 24 and then have children from age 25.

Iyabo Ojo Remains Single Since Her Divorce

After a divorce, many people feel lost because they have spent most of the time married that they no longer remember what it was like to be single. They may get hooked immediately due to fear of staying lonely and end up getting a rebound marriage only to divorce again. This is not the case of Iyabo Ojo, who truly learned from her mistakes the first time.

The alluring damsel is not married for now and intends to keep it that way. She has chosen to stay happily single rather than getting into another commitment that may probably not last. However, this decision to stay off commitment hasn’t stopped her from giving love another chance. Indicatively, she has a man in her life.

What We Know About The Man Iyabo Is Currently Dating

Iyabo Ojo hinted that she might have a new boyfriend in her life and everyone wondered about his identity. She professed love for her boyfriend, who she chooses to keep anonymous. She has revealed that she feels comfortable and receives massive support from her boyfriend. However, the actress did not reveal any further information about her mystery boo (or former mystery boo, depending on how things have played out since then). Evidently, judging by her posts on Instagram, she’s still very much living her best life.

As much as she is happy, she has declared that she is not ready to let the world know who the man is and she isn’t ready for any marriage soon. She says that he is the second most important thing in her life, only next to her children.


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