ASUU Nationwide Strike

Like a reoccurring decimal, the Nigerian undergraduate is faced with the nightmare of another ASUU Nationwide strike. However, it is possible to make productive use of the break.

As a youth, Time is precious and is best viewed as a raw material – a resource that can be invested to guarantee a successful future. Here are ways to make good use of this break.

Attend Trainings, Seminars, Synposia.

It is still unclear how long this strike action will last, nevertheless it will be a wise move to attend courses, seminars and other gatherings where valuable knowledge is shared. Beyond the knowledge on offer, it is also a perfect place to network, meet like-minded, ambitious and upwardly mobile youths. Go online and search for one that suits.

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Sign Up For Internships

Internships are a sure way to get your foot in the door of any industry. Upon graduation, you will have to come to terms with employers always asking for experience even when its obvious you need a job to get one.

Look for a firm (or firms) you admire and offer your “services” for free, its an offer companies rarely turn down. You gain experience, build relationships and networks that will surely come in handy after graduation

Acquire A Skill

The Nigerian economy is gradually becoming heavily reliant on the organized private sector as providers of jobs and opportunities.

These employers are more inclined to look for competence and skill. For instance, a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate will find it handy to attach himself to a “road-side mechanic” for the next few weeks and hopefully learn the actual nity gritty involved in his chosen field.

The skill acquired musnt also be linked to course of study. It might be an economically smart move to learn some fashion designing, photography or landscaping.

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As a young person, travelling is as much education as studying. As much as your finances can afford, this might be the time to explore new cultures, ideas and people.

Dont just make embark on a meaningless journey, endevour to plan, and set goals to you intend to achieve as a result of the trip. If possible, plan a discovery trip with friends, hike, climb have as much educative fun as possible.


Don’t worry, we are not referring to your school books, (doesn’t mean that’s a bad idea) but the reality is that there is a whole lot more to knowledge than your core discipline.

Concentrating on your field is fine, but focusing completely on it can make you myopic and one-dimensional in your outlook towards life.

Explore the depths of knowledge, get to know a bit of world history, politics, philosophy and everything in between that interests you. Consciously invest in yourself and you will return back to campus a better version of you.