Asa: Nigerian Singer Reveals Why She Lost Her Virginity At 28


France-based Nigerian singer, songwriter, and recording artist, Asa, has revealed that she lost her virginity at 28.

The 35-year old seems to have thrust sole propriety aside as she opened up about her private life in an interview with media personality, Funmi Iyanda.

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Asa talked about her struggles with depression and waiting so late to engage in sexual relations with the opposite sex. She admitted to compromising on her preference in men as she got older.

“I never wanted to date any artiste. On the day I lost my virginity, I called my manager, Janet to tell her and she was surprised that I was a very late starter. I also called my mum and she didn’t have any advice, she said, “it will be painful at first’, and I was there wondering what she was saying,” Asa said.

“I am ashamed to say I lost my virginity at 28, so don’t clap for me. Perhaps one of the reasons why I lost my virginity that late was because I was shy and somewhere else where I was too focused on my career that I didn’t even think about having sex.”

The ‘Fire on the Mountain’ singer also discussed moving past rumours about her sexuality and regrets for suing someone over lesbianism allegations.

She said, “I sued someone for writing that I was a lesbian and I regret doing so. In hindsight, don’t think it was necessary but a lot of people nudged me to sue the writer.”

WATCH the video below:

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Asa has been described as one of the few Nigerian musicians who can perform a disappearing act – that is, she takes her time to come up with new albums which usually comes out successful.

Her album ‘Bed of Stone’ received widespread critical acclaim upon release. Pop Magazine rated the album 4 out of 5 stars and called it “a full and rounded musical experience,” as well as a more “personal” album than Aṣa’s previous releases.

Her latest album released in 2017 is titled “Paradise of Love.”

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