Army Maintains Second Rescued Girl Is Chibok Student Amidst Controversies


The announcement of the alleged second Chibok girl, Sarah Luka, who was on Thursday rescued from Sambisa forest has been trailed with a lot of controversies following some information about her which are inconsistent with the already known facts about the missing girls. But despite the controversies, the Nigerian Army maintains that Sarah is one of the Chibok school girls abducted in 20014, Channels reports.

Sarah Luka was described by the Army as a JSS1 student whereas up until now, all the kidnapped girls were said to be SSS 3 students writing their final WASC examination at the Chibok centre. This is one of the questions at the heart of curiosity over the identity of the girl.

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Army Insists Alleged Second Chibok Girl Is One Of The Abducted Girls.

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Again, a review of the full list of the abducted girls published by THISDAY showed that there was no Serah Luka on the list. This was also confirmed by the head of the Chibok Abducted Girls Parents group, Yakubu Nkeki, who said that the second rescued girl was not one of the kidnapped girls. Nkeki told AFP that his records showed only two girls with the surname Luka. He said:

“These are Kauna Luka Yana and Naomi Luka Dzakwa. Among the list of parents we have only four priests and none of them is Luka,” he said.

“Among the girls none of them is from Madagali. They were either from Chibok, Damboa, Askira and Uba (all in Borno state). So I can say… that this girl is not among the abducted Chibok girls.

“We were never contacted by the military for verification of the girl’s identity before the announcement was made.”

Nevertheless, the Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Colonel Sanni Usman, while in a telephone interview with Channels Television, said the Army carried out thorough investigation, including consultation with the authorities at the Government Secondary School in Chibok before announcing the rescue of Sarah Luka, the alleged second Chibok girl. He was quoted as saying:

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“Before we informed the public, we carried out some form of confirmatory check in respect of her true identity and what she told us. The fact is she was abducted from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, and hails from Madagali in Adamawa State.”