Arik Air: Thieves Caught Stealing From Passengers On Board


An elderly man and his accomplices were early this morning caught on an Arik Air flight stealing from passengers on board.

The suspects were said to have been caught stealing from a bag belonging to another passenger few minutes to landing at the local wing of Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

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According to a Nigerian blogger Japhet Omojuwa who was on the flight this morning of Friday, May 19, 2017, one of the thieves, an elderly man, was caught red handed stealing from passengers on the flight by eagle-eyed security officials of the airline.

Omojuwa who posted a series of tweets on the incident said as the plane took off and most of the passengers began to doze off, one of the criminals struck by swiftly transferring stuff from another passenger’s luggage which was on the deck into his.

The security spy allowed him to finish with the theft before calling the attention of Arik staff aboard the flight and the thief was apprehended.

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The suspects were nabbed due to a new security measure put in place by the airline following several complaints by customers on how their money and other items had gone missing on their flights.

To handle the complaints, Arik Air decided to place spies on their flights and it yielded fruit. The spy was said to have joined the flight as a regular passenger so as to observe what was going on.

One of the crew members who narrated what happened said they had always experienced such issue, which had made them to be on the lookout for culprits.

He explained that usually when the thieves notice that everyone is relaxed, they go to the bags and pick whatever they want to steal, and put it inside the empty bag they brought on board.  That was exactly what happened this morning.

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“My crew didn’t say anything until the man picked the money and put it in his bag and changed the location of the bag.

“He went to the back, opened it, picked up the money and kept it in his own bag, then sat down.

“I was surprised when he denied ownership of the (now) empty bag. When we opened the bag, the only thing inside was a pair of slippers.

“However, when we searched further, we found the cash he took this morning. It was two envelopes full of money, and some scattered cash of about N80,000 – N100,000.”

The men were handed over to the Police.