Apple Just Got Permit To Block Your Phone Camera


Apple has just acquired a patent originally applied for in 2011, from the U.S Patent and Trademark Office to disable your phone camera from recording videos or photographing in any event where it is forbidden or prohibited.

The patent officially granted this week, was for “Systems and Methods for Receiving Infrared Data with a Camera Designed to Detect Images Based on Visible Light.” More elaborately, the company is working on a technology that can disable phones’ photo and video recording capabilities using an infrared signal.

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With the new technology, people could be prohibited from making illegal recordings at concert venues, in cinemas or theaters.

How The Apple’s Technology Works On Phone Cameras

According to International media report on the patent, the infrared signal could be fired in places where video recording is prohibited. The phone would detect the signal and either alter what’s shown on the screen or shut down its video features completely.

The infrared device could be set up in an event; by a performer or an artist on stage, to beam out encoded signals. Receivers (especially iPhone) would decode that data, rendering the screen incapable of recording.


The patent statements also suggests that users would still be able to take photos of their friends in the crowd, but their camera would switch off if they point it at the stage or direction where the device is installed.

It also has extra advantage. The infrared signal could be used to alter what the user sees on their screen and provide extra information. For example, if pointed at a piece of art in a museum, the phone could display details about the artwork.

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In other reports, it is believed that evil corporations, police departments, third-world militias, and other assembled personages that prefer to operate without public scrutiny would use this new Apple Patent technology to their greater advantage.

As they noted, “the second this infrared tech moves off a concert stage and into,  a police car, or security at a protest, or any number of other areas where monitoring those in power is an essential method for preservation of rights and/or liberty, this power becomes evil.”