Apostle Suleman Reveals Why He Refused A Private Jet


The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has been the subject of controversy over an alleged acquisition of a private jet. In an interview in which he shared his travel experience, following the Johannesburg version of the Restoration Conference 2016, he confirmed that he had rejected a private jet from a businessman.

Speaking on the matter, Apostle Suleman said:

“It is no crime for a man of God to have a private jet, if it is meant to reach the world faster in spreading God’s mission. But I don’t have one yet. The truth is that, I was given a private plane as a gift about one month ago. But God told me that the giver was not pure. So I rejected it.

“You may have seen the pictures of the jet on the internet. In fact, I collected it. But when I prayed over it and found out that the source of the giver’s wealth wasn’t sincere, I politely turned it down.”

On the his well-known generosity as being the reason he is popular among his followers;

“To start with, one lesson is the value of time-tested methods. Yes, using the new media for outreach contributes significantly to attracting people to God. But the fact remains that teaching the Word and having personal relationships by way of sharing, are the most effective forms of publicity to growing the church.

“Like I have always shared with people, I have tasted poverty. I come from a very humble background. This is what fires my passion for sharing with the less privileged. We are not graceful with words of mouth; we are also generous with other things that make life worth living for a man.

“God understands the needs of man and He is ever ready to provide those needs if man obeys His Word. We regularly share cars worth several millions of naira, cash gifts and more. The latest is a brand new multi-million naira Mercedes car we gave out to a member.”


As regards celebrity marriage failures, the Benin-based apostle said:

“The Lord says in Genesis 2:18. “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. That is a proof that God wants and is happy with man and woman relationship. For a Christian to keep the home, spouses must avoid anger to the point of leading them to commit evil. 

“In marriage, you need to understand the mystery of the third party. It must be fought. In marriage, spouses must always be one another’s friends. If a marriage must succeed, there in spouses, must be spiritual and emotional maturity.

“One of the keys to a lasting marriage is communication. Lack of communication gives room for suspicion and the devil sets in. Spouses must learn to call each other pet names to deepen the mutual affection, even in Christian homes.

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“A woman must learn to take good and proper care of her body. In marriage, love covers multitude of offences. Immorality sets into marriages when men are not sexually free with their wives.”

On his faith channel, Celebration TV’s third anniversary:

“We are determined to keep on this blessed track and ensure souls and lives are redeemed as far as technology can reach. The aim for which the Celebration TV of our great ministry of God was established is fulfilling.

“One of the core objectives is to reach many homes across the world, wiping away tears and restoring people back to their destinies through the revelation of the Word and the manifestation of power and the reality of the Holy Spirit. Celebration TV was established to take the gospel into the homes, schools, offices and businesses of millions across the nations.

“We are going to continue to use this powerful tool for the gospel and expansion of the Kingdom.”

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On his travel experiences? Apostle Suleman said:

“God has sent His servant to America, to the world, to bring restoration and grace to all who would believe. Recently, the world experienced the presence of God in America, as people from all parts of America yearned for the great encounter.

“Over the years, American cities like New York, Texas, Chicago, Georgia, Maryland, Florida and several others have experienced the power of God. It was Minnesota, three weeks ago, and Philadelphia next. We were also in Sierra Leone after the Minnesota experience.

“Next is Johannesburg in South Africa, and next is Kigali, Rwanda. And God has promised us these are also going to be fulfilling journeys in the life of the hopeless and the downtrodden.

“As we move around the world through His special grace, millions of people are being freed from all evil foundations that temporarily hold on to their glories, finances, health, spiritual life and family success.”

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