Apostle Suleiman’s Wife Speaks: That Is Not My Husband!


Apostle Suleiman’s Wife Speaks: That Is Not My Husband!

Following the recent controversy surrounding popular preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, wife of the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Dr. Lizzy Johson Suleman has spoken out.

Mrs. Suleiman has said that the man being described as an adulterer or a cheat in the pictures circulating on social media is not her husband.

According to her, the pictures being circulated are fake and she rightly knows her husband for nineteen years now.

Apostle Suleiman’s wife also said that as a professional journalist who is equally good at photography and design, it is clear enough that the pictures are nothing but fake and photoshopped.

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She believes that they were done with the aim at breaking her peaceful home.

Apostle Suleman’s wife also said that the lady, Miss Stephanie Otobo, was only capitaliaing on the generous nature of her husband to tarnish his image.

Ms Otobo has been blackmailing and releasing fake pictures of Apostle Suleiman saying that he and her are having a love affair.


In a recorded video released by the Omega Fire Ministries, Mrs. Suleman stated that in fact, they are not surprised at the allegations.

Mrs Suleiman informed that her husband is even about ministering for the day.

She indicating that they are not bothered having known that the allegations are the orchestration of people who felt wounded when the Apostle spoke against the killings of Christians in some parts of the country.

A few days ago, a Canada-based Nigerian lady, Ms Stephanie Otobo had released a video and some photos of her wherein she claimed that Apostle Johnson Suleiman allegedly had an amorous affair with her.

She also claimed that the man of God promised to marry her after impregnating her but later dumped her.

However, Apostle Suleiman has vehemently denied such ever happening, stating that the lady is only capitalizing on his generosity to tarnish his image.


Dr. Lizzy Johson Suleiman has come out in defence of her husband, saying the pictures are fake.

She said:

“My name is Dr, Lizzy Johnson Suleiman, the wife of Apostle Johnson Suleman.

“Ordinarily, I don’t like media appearances. But at this point, for the purpose of clarity, I will have to speak.

“Now, I have known my husband for the past nineteen years(19).

“And if you are living with a man who is promiscuous or an adulterous person, you will know, especially if you are an intelligent, and a smart woman.

“I have to speak because, I want to now appear like it’s a woman-to-woman talk.

“I have heard all kinds of rubbish, and the nonsense this lady has been talking about that has gone viral on the internet.

Apostle Suleiman’s Wife Defends Her Husband

“That is not my husband! And let me quickly say this.

“For 19 years, I have been with my husband, even all through the years of courtship and in marriage.

“I have never for once have any problem whatsoever over a woman, we have never have any issues over a woman. And then you can just imagine.


“And listen, for all the pictures that have been released, you can as well decide to send more pictures, mind you, it will never and can never stop the real picture of my husband in my heart.

“Of course you can see that the pictures released are photoshopped!”

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Stating her experience as a mass communicator, Apostle Suleiman’s wife  declared the circulating pictures as fake saying:

“By the grace of God, am a trained journalist, a mass communicator and anybody who is good at graphics and is into photography should understand what I am talking about.

“These pictures are fake! They are fake pictures.

“The problem with most Nigerians is that they are so gullible; they believe everything.

“They would want to listen to everything. Am coming out to say this just because of those who think or feel that oh we are confused, we don’t know what…that is not my husband!

“Please, if you are very good at photography like i said, take a closer look at the photos. They were all planned out and they are all fake.”