APC Announces Fayose A Threat To National Security


The All Progressives Congress, APC, in Ekiti State on Monday accused Governor Fayose of posing a threat to the security of Nigeria, as a result of his recent unguided conducts and statements which according to them suggest acts of sabotage aimed at causing instability in national institutions thereby rendering them ineffective to carry out their statutory roles for effective government in a federal set-up.

APC, made this known in a statement issued yesterday by Mr. Taiwo Olatunbosun, the party’s State Publicity Secretary, adding that Fayose’s unbridled sporadic statements had revealed him to be a man waging a lone war against the Federal Government of Nigeria over alleged selfish motives.

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Citing as an example, Governor Fayose’s death wish for President Muhammadu Buhari at a rally held at Fajuyi Square, Ado-Ekiti, over the weekend,  to welcome Akanni Afolabi, the detained member of the House of Assembly, to the state capital, Olatunbosun expressed regrets that apart from the governor stirring up Ekiti people against the operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS), he had also for the umpteenth time threatened to bring Buhari’s government down if any attempt was made to probe sundry alleged crimes leveled against him. According to the statement:

“We have heard of reports of Governor Fayose inciting the people to stone the operatives of the DSS anywhere they are seen. This is besides saying many unprintable things about the President, such as saying that he would soon die, and declaring the DG of DSS, Lawal Musa Daura, a personal non-grata in Ekiti State.

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“It is regrettable that Fayose cannot separate his personal views as a man constantly at war with the Nigerian law from the views of lawful Ekiti people, who are ready to submit themselves to the Nigerian law where the rule of law and good governance flourish”.

The APC also charged the governor with the offence of managing the Ekiti State government under a personal image of himself which he has built saying that this misconception had “robbed Ekiti people the quality leadership with the right mindset to see governance beyond the prism of self-glorification”. As the APC said:

“This failure to see governance beyond personal appeal of the governor is costing our state good governance for the development of our people and her deserved place of honour in this country.

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“That is why the governor is wasting state resources on helicopter charter to ferry an accused person, Akanni Afolabi, from Abuja to Ekiti after which he took six pages of several newspapers on frivolous adverts to publish court records on the accused’s bail application and topped it with the donation of a new car to same Akanni, who is still under investigation over several criminal cases.

“Fayose has appointed himself national opposition leader just because he wants to help himself in his many criminal cases against the nation’s law,” .

“Governor Fayose is overwhelmed with promoting cloudy characters with several alleged crimes hanging on their necks far above Ekiti academic pride of the century, Ayodele Dada, who bagged the best graduating student award at the University of Lagos with a record 5.0 GPA.

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“We are not surprised at the governor’s beatification of crime in this instance because you can only give what you have and gold is usually sold to the person who knows its value. That is why Fayose would prefer to celebrate thugs and roughnecks to celebrating Ekiti golden boy who has put Ekiti State on the map of academic honour at the University of Lagos.”

Mr. Olatunbosun implored Nigerians not to be led astray by Governor Fayose’s many lies against the government agencies involved in the prosecution of crimes alleged to have been carried out by the governor and his supporters, and also expressed disappointment over the fact that many Nigerians who posses little knowledge of the governor’s politics had been lured into buying the stories of alleged invasion of the House of Assembly by DSS to abduct the lawmakers. Olatunbosun explained that:

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“Besides suborning the staff of the Assembly to lie against DSS by presenting purported spent bullets, there is no evidence to show the world that the DSS actually invaded Ekiti House of Assembly after police report on the matter and evidence by workers proved that there was no invasion of the Assembly by DSS”. 

Olatunbosun further advised the Federal Government not to run into the error of treating Governor Fayose’s threats as unimportant, persuading security agencies to pay very close attention to the governor by putting him under close watch in order to prevent his threats against Buhari’s government.

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