APC Condemns Father Ejike Mbaka’s Transfer by Enugu Catholic Diocese


The transfer of the presiding Priest, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, from Christ the King Parish, situated at the Government Reserved Area, GRA of Enugu, has caused an uproar for both members of the church and the All Progressives Congress (APC). The decision by the Catholic Church leaders, to send Mbaka to another parish was condemned by the spokesperson of APC South-East Caucus, Osita Okechukwu. In his words, “it was wrong to punish the fearless priest for his prophecies which has proved to be from God.”

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Mr. Osita Okechukwu expressed his concern over Mbaka’s safety, also stating that the transfer was influenced by outside forces who were not happy with his boldness and ministerial progress. His concern also went to the fact that worshipers would now find difficulties going to Emene for programmes of the Adoration Ministry.

He said:

“Whereas we accept that the transfer of priests is a routine exercise of the great Catholic Church, however we do not wholly accept a situation where the church allows external forces to influence transfer as the Mbaka’s case suggests. Otherwise, future liberation clergy who speak truth to power will be hamstrung to the detriment of the society.

“Our major concern is the security implications and the fate of his flocks who are mostly the downtrodden who may find it difficult to go to Emene for salvation and healing. We frown at anything which will put Father Mbaka in harms way or deny his flocks healing.”

Okechukwu also highlighted his fears, stating that the priest has been under attack from President Muhammadu Buhari’s opponents since he prophesied that the President will win the last election. He said APC is in solidarity with Father Mbaka and condemn all attacks on him from any quarters. He alleged that the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo influenced Mbaka’s transfer to a new parish where he will serve under someone else, after being a boss of his own for so many years.

Okechukwu said;

“As a party we have watched with concern and trepidation the criticism, the attack, assault and unpleasant comments hurled against Father Mbaka since he providentially prophesied that President Buhari would win the 2015 elections. Even the Church did not spare him, he was called unprintable names, yet his prophecy came true. We are happy that Father Mbaka was vindicated.”

It must be pointed out that accusing fingers were pointed at the direction of some anti-Buhari elements like Ohanaeze Ndigbo, a group that didn’t want to hear the name of Buhari – even though Ohanaeze denied the allegation, doubts still persists.

“For we are still at a loss why a senior priest will be degraded to an assistant parish priest. We repeat that we are in solidarity with Fr. Mbaka and our major concern is the security of Fr. Mbaka and the suffering of his flocks mostly the poor who need his healing powers.

We had thought that His Lordship Bishop Calistus Onaga could have retained him at the Adoration Ground, as the Bishop Emeritus Gbuji did because of security of his life and easy access by his flocks.”

The laudable Priest and Spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry was transferred from Christ the King Parish, GRA, to Our Lady Parish, Emene, all in Enugu Catholic Diocese. Father Mbaka had presided over Christ the King Parish for 20 years as a Priest, unfortunately, he is to serve under another priest at his new home parish. Obviously, this move was to make sure he is carefully watched by his superiors and also to prevent unsupervised prophetic utterances from him. The question now is, “do people not have the liberty to say their minds anymore, especially when they are men of God and are led by the Spirit?”

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