APC Chieftain Osita Okechukwu Urges Igbo People To Support Buhari For 8 Years


As many recommend an Igbo president in 2019 to help calm Biafra agitations, the South East chapter of the All Progressive Congress’ spokesperson, Osita Okechukwu, has stated that the current campaign for Igbo presidency in 2019 will not come through except after eight years of President Muhammadu Buhari in power.

He made this revelation while speaking at the 100th anniversary celebration of Junior Chamber International in Enugu on Saturday. Mr. Okechukwu went further to beg the Igbos to support the Buhari administration to make Nigeria great again. He further stated that Buhari’s administration is the fastest route to achieving the Igbos dream of having an Igbo president rule Nigeria.

Okechukwu said:

Once more I appeal we support President Muhammadu Buhari in constructing a progressive and prosperous Nigeria.

He has created platform for Infrastructure Fund to demonstrate his commitment in fixing federal roads nationwide, fast track the 2nd Niger Bridge and investing heavily in public infrastructure via prudent management, Foreign Direct Investment, recovery of looted funds and cooperation of the private sector.

Consequently, Buhari’s eight-year term is the fastest route to actualize our dream of president of Igbo extraction, through peaceful means and not through hate propaganda.

For the zoning convention is when you consider all factors in our favor, in 2023, as our brothers in the South West and South-South had been president since our return to civil rule in 1999.

Mr. Okechukwu also spoke about the claim by some youth in the South East that hopelessness, despair and massive unemployment are only experienced in the zone.

He detailed that such situation is not limited to the zone as it is nationwide. He added that the president, legislators governors and almost all the stakeholders find these challenges disturbing In his word:

nobody except sadists are happy that we are hungry.

Okechukwu went on to urge the country to examine the performance of the Councillors, legislators, governors and president to ensure that they are not the ones making the situation of the people of this great nation even worse.

He cited cases of governors who customize power in the South East, who dip into the public funds entrusted in their care for their own personal use. He described the belief in some quarters that the Ndigbo cannot make it within the Nigeria political landscape as being dead wrong, stating that Nigerians would overcome the harsh realities of today, the same way America overcame its problems.

Although he begged that Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra in detention should be released, Mr. Okechukwu in the same vein lashed out at the negative propaganda of Kanu, saying that his actions show that he neither does not care about the strides Ndigbo made nationwide nor the lives of Ndigbo in other parts of the country. He admitted that he battled in Boys Company in Biafra and knows the implications of Kanu’s negative narrative.

He finally begged Nigerians to love their country, work hard, persevere and be steadfast as Americans did, revealing that doing all these will get us to our destination.

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