Answers To Rude & Unprofessional Job Interview Questions


The following job interview questions categorized as ‘rude and unprofessional’ would probably leave you speechless, scratching your innocence head for the right answers. But the good news is, expert says, they shouldn’t ask you that, but if they do, no problem, here are the answers.

We respect that the person who interviews you is at work and doing their job, but that doesn’t give them the right to pry into your personal life or to treat you  like a sack of dirt. Believe it or not some interviewers can be rude and of course it could be part of the Job’s fundamentals.

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These are some of the interview questions you can expect from interviewers who have not received proper guidance in how to conduct a job interview:

1. What are you working on improving about yourself?

2. We have a lot of candidates to interview. What makes you a stronger candidate than those people?

3. What is your greatest weakness?

4. What would your last manager say about you?

5. If you were a can of soup, what kind would you be?

6. What did you earn last year?

7.  What’s your personal five-year plan?

Forbes experts said the reason some interviewers are so rude to job-seekers is that they have subscribed to the religion that employers are mighty and job-seekers are ants. Most of us have bought into that myth at some point. You think it’s normal for a person who has never met you before to ask you what you earned at your former job.

They also said you should never tell anyone your salary, past or present. But you still need to answer the questions if you want to stay in the interview right? You can either walk away, but if you decide to sit through, you just might get into a larger room where you have more options.

Also bear in mind that these rude interview questions is not an indication that the company won’t be a great place to work.

Sample Answers to Interview Questions — you can impress your own personality on each answer

• What are you working on improving about yourself? I’m reading a lot of great books this year that have really inspired me. Would you like to hear about a few of my favorites?

• We have a lot of candidates to interview. What makes you a stronger candidate than those people? Let’s see — I’m pretty sure I won’t meet those folks but I’m sure they are all talented. I would be a great candidate for his job if, after you and I speak further today and I learn more about the opportunity, my answers to your questions about the work and its challenges feel like the best answer to your company’s problem. I would be excited about the job if the fit were that good.

• What is your greatest weakness? I used to obsess about my weaknesses when I was younger. I felt like I had a lot of defects and blemishes and it was only by gaining some years and wisdom that I learned that it’s silly for me to worry about things I don’t do well. Of course there are thousands I don’t do well and I don’t care about. Nowadays I feel my mission is to get better at the things I already do well and love to do, like graphic design and illustration.

• What would your last manager say about you? He/She would probably say that I kept her on her toes and that we had a lot of great collaboration.

• If you were a can of soup, what kind would you be? (Keep that grin on!) Oh, probably something both healthy and hearty with a little bit of spice in it.

• What did you earn last year? Let’s talk about your target range for hiring someone into this position and then I can walk you through what I’m looking for salary-wise. (If pressed) I’m focusing on roles in the $55K range. Is this job in that range?

• What’s your personal five-year plan? I am very open to trends and currents in my life and in the larger world, but as I look at the future I am especially interested in learning more about digital marketing and living abroad. What about you?

Remember, it’s also important to stay loose and keep a smile on your face. If you have more profound answers than these ones, feel free to share it.