Anophthalmia: Mother Devastated As Son Is Born Without Eyes


A Chinese mother, Liu Peihua gave birth on September 20 to a young boy who was born with no eye tissue. The baby is believed to have Anophthalmia, which affects one in 100,000 babies.

The baby has been tagged ‘the baby with no eyes’ by Chinese press which reported that there had been no indication prior to his birth that he had the condition.

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The family is now looking to the future and hope that charities can help with planning their son’s future.

Liu Peihua’s family say Liu attended every antenatal check and was not informed with any unusual results. This is because Anophtalmia cannot be spotted in ultrasounds and conventional tests during pregnancy.

The child’s family are now receiving help from a larger hospital in Guangzhou, China to get a better examination of the child and to check if there are any other health issues.

The devastated mother said although her son has the condition, he still cries for milk and is just like any other baby.

The devastated mother

The medical term ‘Anophthalmia’ means an absence of the eye.

A child may be born with one, or both eyes, missing from the eye socket. The rare disorder develops during pregnancy and can be associated with other birth defects.

The condition may be caused by genetic mutations and abnormal chromosomes.

Researchers also believe that environmental factors, such as exposure to X-rays, chemicals, drugs, pesticides, toxins, radiation, or viruses, increase the risk of anophthalmia, but research is not conclusive.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment that will restore the vision of children affected by Anophthalmia.

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Children will need to undergo repeated hospital visits and many have prosthetic eyes to ensure that the bone and soft tissue around the eye socket grows properly and to improve appearance.