Annkio-Briggs Laments Pres. Buhari’s Favoritism To People Of His Religion


Environmental and Human Right Activist, Annkio-Briggs said President Muhammadu Buhari’s appointments are lopsided.

The Niger Delta activist maintained that Buhari gave, “critical positions” in his government to his “region, friends and people of his religion.”

In an interview with Vanguard, Mrs. Briggs said the Presidency lied to Nigerians by saying the current Federal Government is unbiased in its appointments.

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“As far back as 2015 from the portfolios of the ministerial appointments, to the National Security Adviser, NSA, Air Force, Police, Defence, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Department of State Services, DSS, Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, National Immigration Service, NIS, and many other appointments, complaints have come from the Niger-Delta, South-West, South-East and Middle-Belt that President Buhari gave the critical positions to his region, relatives, friends and people of his religion,” Annkio-Briggs said.

“It is therefore irrelevant and untrue for the presidency or the president’s media people to attempt to lie to Nigerians and the world in saying that his appointments, so far, are not lopsided.

“Anyway, if it makes them feel better by telling themselves those lies, that is okay. We know what we know.”

Sharing her view on the recall of Abdul Maina into the civil service, the Annkio-Briggs lamented that for the APC administration to blame former President Jonathan’s supporters for Maina’s recall is an indication of that the Federal Government does not know who is in control of the government.

“The unbelievable drama of the recall, redeployment, promotion into the system and subsequent disappearance of Abdul Maina, all in the name of fighting corruption, will be questioned even if the set up was at LGA level.

“To turn around and say that President Jonathan and his supporters are responsible shows that even the Federal Government does not know who is in control of the government. Like many other dramas that have played out, it does not deserve any further comment only to say that the only chance Nigeria has to qualify for recognition as a responsible country is by restructuring, this is the only way out.”

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On assessing the performance of the APC administration, Annkio-Briggs said they have failed to deliver on any of its campaign promises to Nigerians.

“No government in the past has delivered on everything but this government is yet to deliver on even one of the numerous promises it made to Nigerians.

“Personally, l am not surprised, considering the promises he made: that he will fight corruption to a standstill, every elementary student will have one free meal, unemployed graduates will be paid N5,000 per month. That he won’t travel abroad for treatment, Boko Haram will be a thing of the past, one dollar will be one Naira. What was more amazing is that highly educated and exposed people who should know better not only believed it but drove it as if government is by Abracadabra.”

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