Ankara Bikinis – A New Trend In Global Fashion


This is the story of the rise of the Ankara. From the swamps of Lagos, to numerous corporate headquarters, and then to runways at the international stage, the Ankara fabric has left its mark in the heart global fashion. From the black African continent, it has risen to be so versatile that it is now recognized on the global fashion scene. Previously regarded as a uniform of sort for church services, ceremonies such as marriages, naming ceremonies, etc in Nigeria, it has slowly creeped into the corporate environment and has gained popularity as the fabric of choice for the trendy African woman. And beyond Africa, this fabric is almost now a force to reckon with in the global market. A number of international celebrities have been spotted in Ankara ensembles on red carpets. To many, the Ankara fabric has become a wardrobe staple already. This development has led to a change in the general perception of the Ankara fabric worldwide. You can create anything with it, even swimming pants.

Ankara fashion trend has come a long way and seems to be taking its place in the “bikini world” and in case you ever taught Ankara fashion could never make it there, here are 20 Ankara bikinis that will really change your mind:

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Ankara Bikini1

Ankara Bikini11


Ankara Bikini9

Ankara Bikini17


Ankara Bikini12

Ankara Bikini13

Ankara Bikini14

Ankara Bikini18


Ankara Bikini15

Ankara Bikini16

Ankara Bikini2

Ankara Bikini19

Ankara Bikini10

Ankara Bikini5

Ankara Bikini6


Ankara Bikini6

Ankara Bikini7

Ankara Bikini8