Woman Gives Husband’s Girlfriend A Life-Time Scar


A 26-year old lady identified as Jamila Musa from Edo State, is presently fighting to stay alive after she was gruesomely attacked with acid in her house on Sunday, May 29.

According to The Nation, the lady, an employee at Flour Mills of Nigeria, said she heard a familiar voice at her door at about 10 pm saying he had a message from her boyfriend, who is a married man.  According to Jamila Musa who believes her boyfriend’s wife is responsible for her predicament, she recognized the voice to be that of the wife’s brother and that was why she opened the door. Narrating the incident she said:

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Twenty-Six-Year-Old Jamila Musa, Attacked With Acid.[file photo]
“A minute to 10pm on Sunday, I was sleeping in my room when I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t recognise the voice immediately but now I am sure of the voice. He said my boyfriend sent him to give me a message.

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“My boyfriend usually sends motorcycle operators to me so I assumed he was the one that sent this one and as I was trying to open the door, he poured the acid on my face. I rushed outside, I could not shout for about five minutes but when I started shouting, my neighbours gathered and washed my face with soap; they applied honey and pap to it before rushing me to the hospital.

“I suspect his wife sent someone to attack me, I did not know at first that he was married but when I realised it, I tried to cut him off. I only knew that he was married when his wife started sending me text messages, insulting and threatening me. I even told him that I was going to report her to the police but he asked me to leave her alone.

Miss Jamila who also revealed that the police has been informed about the matter, accused the management of the Kubwa General Hospital of neglecting her and as a result, she fears she might loose her sight. Hear her:

“But this people here are not attending to me, I feel as if my condition is now worse, compared to when I came; I can no longer see well, the acid did not affect my eyeballs so I believe that when the swelling reduces, I will see again. But they are not attending to me, if they cannot treat me, they should refer me elsewhere, they should take care of me, I don’t want to lose my sight.

“Look at my face, I want to recover from this, the acid did not affect my eyeball, I can see the reflection of light from the windows, I just want the swelling to go down but I feel abandoned, they treat others and abandon me, if they cannot do it, they should refer me to another hospital. This thing was not like this when I came here; I am scared; I don’t want to rot here.”

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The hospital however, denied Jamila Musa’s accusations of abandonment through the medical director, Dr. Amadu Danfulani, who said she has been undergoing treatment while the doctor in charge of her case, Dr. Okuonghu Frank, hoped that her sight will be better when the swelling reduces.