Angry Father Begs Court To Eject His Children From His House


An Ikole Customary Court in Ekiti on Monday heard the funny case of a 65-year-old angry father, Idowu Oni, asking the court to eject his two children from his house because they were provoking him with their bad characters.

Mr. Oni, a night guard, sought the order on the grounds that one of his children, Tayo, 30, a woman has four children for different men and none of the men caters for the children. He claimed that his daughter had carried four pregnancies for unknown men in his house.

According to the angry father it is quite shameful having his daughter get pregnant and deliver four different times for unknown men right under his nose.

angry father 2

Oni says his second child Lere, 28, is a habitual troublemaker, who had about three or four cases pending in the police station and Magistrates’ Court.

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Oni said he could no longer cope with the embarrassment and shame that the bad behaviour of his children was causing him. For him, asides the shame, he’s had to also contend with money spent on pending cases. The two children, who were in court, neither denied the allegations nor said anything in their defense.

President of the court, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, said that the matter was domestic and ought to have been settled by family members. She, therefore, directed the children to meet responsible elders in their family and arrange a meeting where they would beg the plaintiff.

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She also advised the children to turn a new leaf and do what would make their father happy instead of causing trouble and engaging in activities “that make the old man sad.”

The court adjourned hearing of the report of settlement till June 6.