Amazing Fact! Drinking Tea Lowers Risk Of Fractures By 30%


Can you imagine that you can make your bones strong and prevent fractures simply by drinking tea?  This is indeed the perfect excuse to sit down with a nice cup of tea.

This amazing revelation have been made by some Australian researchers. According to them, the effect is so big that it could become a ‘major addition to the dietary prevention of fracture.’

The Researchers from Flinders University, South Australia, found out that plant chemicals called flavonoids found in fruit and vegetables strengthens the bones by speeding building of new bone cells while slowing down the erosion of existing ones. This is common in old age, where bone tends to wear down quicker than it can be replaced.

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Flavonoids are a naturally occurring chemical compound present in many of the foods we eat, especially in fruits and vegetables. There are at least seven different flavonoid subgroups in fruits and vegetables, and thousands of variants within each category and tea is the main source in many populations. They protect plants against disease and some also provide the bright colours found in everyday fresh foods.

Tea is also good for the cardiac health and it is known that a healthy heart is good for the bones. Although it isn’t so clear whether this is because green  tea contains flavonoids, than coffee does, plant-based compounds, or fluoride or something else. However the research has proved that in general, green tea is a well-balanced diet with adequate calcium, protein and plenty of fruit and vegetables that will provide the nutrients your bones need.

Consumption of three or more cups of tea each day is a pleasant activity and according to the findings from this study, helps to maintain the bone health among older women. Previous studies, for example, have suggested tomatoes – another rich source – can also prevent weakening of the bones.

Apart from making your bones strong, consuming green tea and other foods rich in flavonoids have been proven to be a great way to maintain a healthy weight.

Green tea aids weight loss by blocking absorption of carbohydrates and helping burn fat at a more rapid pace than usual.

Apple aids weight loss by blocking absorption of carbohydrates and helping burn fat at a more rapid pace than usual. Orange juice, oranges, and onions are other key foods rich in flavonoid to stock (and snack) up on, as well as pears, and a range of other fruit and vegetables.

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