Uche Jombo’s Life with Ex-Husband Kenney Rodriguez and Their Son

Uche Jombo’s ex-husband is Kenney Rodriguez and they share a son. Their marriage lasted for 5 years before it hit the rocks, although Uche has not openly confirmed it.

Uche Jombo may have had a smooth journey as a Nigerian actress, director, and producer for more than two decades. However, this does not seem to be the same story regarding her marriage with her Puerto Rican-American-based husband, Kenney Rodriguez. The union has suffered controversies with rumors of cheating, divorce, and denial. Here’s all there is to know about Uche Jombo’s time with her husband, Kenney Rodriguez, and how their marriage has fared since 2012.

Uche Jombo Met Her Husband, Kenney Rodriguez, Through a Mutual Friend

Kenney and Uche Jombo crossed paths through a mutual friend who was also a Nigerian. Although their meeting was solely for business connected with communication, it would later blossom into an affair.

When they met, the Kiss and Tell actress had Kenney’s eyes fixed on her beauty. Well, he would soon unravel that she had qualities that included hard work and passion. To him, falling in love with Jombo was easy, and hence, the need to turn the love story into a family came in handy.

Who Was Uche Jombo’s Husband?

Uche Jombo’s husband was Kenney Rodriguez, an American-based Puerto Rican. Kenney Rodriguez worked as a nutritionist and personal trainer in New York prior to their marriage. He has a degree in General Business from Excelsior College, Albany, New York. Kenney Rodriguez is currently the CEO and founder of Roddrix Personal Training. They got married at a private beach on the island of Puerto Rico on May 16, 2012.

Kenny Became Uche Jombo’s Husband in 2012

Uche Jombo and Kenney settled for marriage on May 16, 2012, in a private ceremony on a Peurto Rican beach. However, there is no certainty as to when the 44-year-old Uche Jombo and Kenney started dating or how long it lasted.

Uche Jombo's time with ex-husband
Kenney Rodriguez and Uche Jombo (Image Source)

Surprisingly, the news of the wedding did not make it to the media as much as that of several Nigerian celebrities in her category. Before the wedding, there were rumors that there was a likelihood of a wedding, but instead, the actress cum director pushed aside the allegation giving the insinuation that there may be nothing like that.

Nonetheless, the ceremony was able to make its way to several media pages afterward through images from WOW magazine. Reports also juggled that although many Nigerian celebrities did not grace the wedding, it was glamorous and put together by wedding expert and event planner Michelle Cotto.

Even at that, the marriage made it to the list of controversial celebrity weddings in Nigeria when Uche Jombo allegedly returned to Nigeria without the man she became married to. The controversy would vanish after it became clear that there was a wedding and a few pictures of the couple making rounds. Also, her name in many movies started reading as Uche Jombo-Rodriguez instead of just Uche Jombo as was previously known.

The Couple Shares a 9–Year-Old Son

The couple welcomed their first child on May 28, 2015. The Enugu-born Jombo and Rodriguez repeated a similar pattern as they did in their wedding with the birth of their first and only son, Matthew Kenney-Chinedu Rodriguez. His birth on May 28, 2015, was kept private until they made it public through WOW magazine. When he was about three months old, on August 2, 2015, the child was reportedly dedicated at Praise Fellowship Church, Houston, Texas.

At present, Matthew Rodriguez may be famous due to his mother’s fame in the Nigerian movie industry. He is also famous on her social media page. On his own, however, he has modeled for Lomzy/African Fashion Brand and Susan Chanel Beauty.

When she was pregnant with the boy, Uche worked on one of her most acclaimed films, Lost in Us. Before the film, her husband drew her attention to a medical condition whereby a person imagines a life with another. This came after a fan on Facebook persistently claimed to have a child with her through direct messages.

Rodriguez was Uche Jombo’s Husband for About 5 Years

There have been different tales about the marriage of Uche and Rodriguez. A few years after they became married, there were reports that the marriage may have had some cracks and could not be sustained. The rumors would later quickly die down.

Based on another report, their marriage lasted about five years. However, this does not seem to be the story of Uche Jombo, who claims her marriage was still good as of 2017.

Controversies Surrounded Uche Jombo and Kenney Rodriguez’s Marriage

Following their wedding, and since the public had little to no knowledge about the man the mathematics and statistics graduate was married to, stories were created that Kenney Rodriguez may be living off the wealth of Uche. At the end of it, it didn’t seem to be true in its entirety as it would later be revealed that Kenney was a businessman in the United States with a specialty in communication.

In another controversy, Kenney was accused of cheating on Uche with a then 22-year-old lady whose images with Kenney spread across several pages. To compound the matter, some of the photos of the lady were seen in the kitchen of Kenney’s house, which he shared with Uche. This would purportedly result in a 2017 divorce that has not been confirmed.

Despite all of these, Uche would reach out to social media to claim that her marriage was fine. She blamed several blogs for making up stories about her marriage, and although she turned away from them, there was no way she could not address the public to stay off her marital affairs. She would add that the only true story was that she was trying to strike a balance between her family and career.

In the middle of the divorce story came another story that would raise questions about whether Uche was telling the truth about her marriage being fine. This came after an  Instagram account allegedly belonging to Rodriguez posted an apology for the media’s speculation about their love life.

The Instagram account drew further attention when another actress and a friend to Uche Jombo, Omoni Oboli, reportedly posted a picture of Uche Jombo and tagged it to the account. Both moves caused the public to claim that the Instagram account in Kenney’s name was not real and that Uche may have created the account to apologize to herself while Oboli made a move to further make it believable.

Where is Uche Jombo Now Since Her Divorce?

After the divorce, the actress lives her private life away from the media. In the same vein, the man she married in 2012 keeps a low profile but is believed to be residing in the United States. Before they got married, Uche Jombo had been used to dating men outside of Nigeria.

She would accord this as to why she found ease with her marriage to Kenney. While there are reports that the actress may have removed the pictures of Kenney Rodriguez from Instagram, her Twitter account still reads his name, thereby raising more questions about their marriage.


Is Uche Jombo Still Married?

It is unclear whether Uche Jombo is still married to Kenny Rodriguez or anyone else as she has kept her private life away from the public. While there is no official confirmation of their divorce, Uche Jombo has removed her husband’s name from her social media accounts, which has fueled speculation that they may have parted ways.

What happened to Uche Jombo’s Marriage?

There were rumors in July 2017 that Uche Jombo’s marriage had crashed, following leaked photos of Kenney Rodriguez in a compromising position with a 22-year-old young American woman, alleged to be his ex. The pictures of Kenney Rodriguez and the 22-year-old American lady named Teresa were allegedly taken in the same house Kenney shares with Uche whenever she visits the United States.

Although the actress took to her social media to loudly reproach Nigerian bloggers for spreading fake news about her marriage, the two intriguing events that took place a few days after the scandal only intensified the speculation. An empty IG account claiming to be Kenney Rodriguez had posted a picture with a long apology to Uche for “the foolishness and speculation” in the media.

A colleague and close friend of Uche, Omoni Oboli, also posted a picture of the couple who were supposedly going on a vacation to Canada. She then tagged the Kenney account on the picture. These events made people speculate that the IG account was fake and that Uche Jombo had created the account apologizing to herself, while her friend, Omoni, tried to make the account more believable by interacting with it.

However, the current state of Uche Jombo’s marriage to Kenney Rodriguez is unknown as the actress has stopped the excessive sharing of her private life on social media and has removed all photos or mentions of both her husband and son from her pages. The 42-year-old actress appears to be sticking to a new vow she made about never posting anything relating to her personal life on social media again.

How Old Is Uche Jombo’s Ex-Husband

Uche Jombo’s ex-husband, Kenny Rodriguez, is 54 years old as of 2024. He was born on October 15, 1976.


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