Akwa Ibom Prostitutes: Sex Worker Demands N20k In Viral Video

Some crowd has gathered to settle a dispute between a man and one of the Akwa Ibom prostitutes claiming to be a student of a Federal University in the state.

The lady rejected the offer of N3,000 given to by the customer who claimed he had asthma and did not touch her the whole night.

In his explanation, the unidentified man said he picked her up from the university gate as a student and not as a prostitute. He lamented that they never reached a price agreement and a one-night stand does not warrant such huge amount.

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The prostitute or student, on the other hand, insisted that as far as the fun lasted, the man is rich enough – with his exotic car, to provide N20,000.

Watch the viral video below:

While prostitution remains rampant in Nigeria, it has been revealed by Akwa Ibom Online that there is a known brothel where Akwa Ibom prostitutes operate from at Ibom Plaza by Ikot Ekpene Road in Uyo, the state capital.

It was reported in 2016, that at the Plaza – close to a police station, passersby can readily see women flaunting their prowess in a bid to lure clients.

The reporter pointed two more locations, Cephas Place at Enwe Street is in the heart of the city and Diamond Garden Hotel and Suites, located along Aka Nung Udoe Road which is reportedly owned by an official of the Department of State Security (DSS).

Other locations where these Akwa Ibom prostitutes allegedly operate includes:

  •  Ekpenyong Street
  • Ikpa Road
  • Nwaniba Road
  • Oron Road
  • Edet Akpan Avenue
  • Etinan Town, Oyoto brothel

All these locations are allegedly a lucrative and strategic area for an Akwa Ibom prostitute to operate.

Furthermore, there is a consensus belief that the proprietors of these brothels pay weekly levies to police to allow them to operate. This stance was reinforced when a journalist interviewed some Akwa Ibom prostitutes at the Bluemoon Hotel in Abak Local Government Area, who confessed that each of them pays N 1000 weekly dues for “police protection.”

It was also revealed that sex is sold at N400 at the Bluemoon hotel.

Despite its sordid past, prostitution has gradually emerged a hustling profession, a trend that has erased all shame and intimidation from those in the sex business.

The female dominated profession has adorned new looks of the class which holds true from the bold fight the prostitute displayed in the video above.

More so, the Universities has become an easy route for some girls who practise prostitution to find quick patronage. When schooling far from home, many young girls fall victim of this seemingly quick cash immoral act called prostitution.

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The freedom from parents’ watch becomes too overwhelming to control and then waywardness becomes a pattern.

The government, the clergies, NGOs and various individuals have at various times taken bold steps to correct the act of prostitution, but all to no avail.

Even now few countries have made the controversial move to legalize prostitution which gives rise to calls for other nations to follow suit.

However, legalised or not, the height of prostitution in Akwa Ibom other cities of Nigeria is still out of control.

It can be recalled that former First Lady of the state, Mrs. Unoma Akpabio visited some commercial sex outlets in the state and swept away all Akwa Ibom prostitutes, yet the act persists.