Nollywood Actor Reveals Why He Loves Older Women


Whoever says marriage must be between a man and a younger woman should prove where that law was stated. As for Aremu Afolayan, age is just a number because he loves older women and has reasons why he prefers them. The Abuja-based Nollywood actor comes from a family of thespians. He is the son of late legendary actor, Adeyemi Afolayan aka Ade Love, and the younger brother of renowned filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan and co – actor, Gbenga Afolayan.

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Aremu says he is not bothered about what people tag him as. Some say he is a gigolo, others call him a gold digger but all that hasn’t changed the young actor’s love for mature women. In a recent interview with Yes Magazine, Aremu Afolayan revealed his love for dating older women. He also uses the opportunity to clear the “gigolo rumours” and says his decision of love has nothing to do with money.

Aremu’s father – Adeyemi Afolayan

Few years ago, the Yoruba actor and producer got married to Kafilat Quadri, who is an older lady, however, he  has been associated with other women, thus the rumors. In Aremu’s opinion, he can not stand dating younger girls because most of them do runs and keep older men, but the older women tend to be more faithful.

This is what Aremu Afolayan has to say:

“They said I’m a gigolo right? I owe no one any explanation for the way I live my life. They can criticize my film, but not my life. They said I do rich women for money, how I wish I can do that because a gigolo don’t get broke like this.”

Kunle Afolayan

“If I’m a gigolo I will never sell my properties to do a film of N16 million. I sold three of my cars to raise the money. I am not what people think I am. I love ladies that are older than me. It’s my business because I don’t find the good thing, the real love and happiness from the young chaps,” he said.

On why he does not date younger women, the actor said . . .

“Can you imagine a situation where I sleep with my girl now and she will go and sleep with one yahoo boy or my daddy’s friend again because she needs money?”

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“So, I have to follow someone who is not a girl as they say, but a lady that is at least older than me. This is what I like; my life, not their life. So, that’s no one’s business. You see, I owe no one any explanation concerning this. I can only explain to God and until He comes, I can continue, he said.

What do you think? Does age really matter when it comes to dating who your heart beats for. This topic is open for discussion. Guys, Can you date an older woman? Ladies, can you spend the rest of your life with a younger guy?