Aero Contractors: Passengers Escape Death As Flight Heading To Lagos Catches Fire Mid-Air (Video)


Details of how an incident which would have been a major national tragedy was averted aboard an Aero Contractors flight in Port-Harcourt has been shared by a Nigerian Lady, simply identified as Oriaku Okwesilieze.

According to the lady who goes by the Twitter handle @puffypearl, the Aero Contractors flight which was headed to Lagos suffered a mechanical fault just 20 minutes after take off. Oriaku said one of the blades caught fire causing the cabin to fill up with thick smoke and for over 30 minutes, passengers panicked.

She shared a video of the cabin filled up with smoke and of course, distressed passengers expressed their fear as they were praying to God, while others began to shed tears before the craft landed safely.

In a series of tweets, she wrote:

“I escaped death on Aero flight from port Harcourt to Lagos today the 18th of April. It can only be God. I’m thankful father. I’m still shaky, this experience is one I can’t forget easily. Over 30 mins we were chanting prayers as our flight was filled with smoke.

“20 minutes after take off, our Aero contractor flight started smoking. For 35min we were chanting prayers, screaming, panicking…. Like we just took off and I’m about to die? Nah! God can’t let this happen. The smoke was so thick we couldn’t see, the blades were sparking.

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“The pilot said we should calm down but something was burning, smelling and the smoke got thicker, the alarms went off but he said to calm down? He said anyone that can’t breathe should use a wet handkerchief. Ha! All I could think about was my family. Hell no I’m not dying today.

“I prayed and quoted all the bible verses I could think of. I was shaking, the plane was moving up and down, women were screaming at the back. I’m still shaky but here’s a video of when we touched down Lagos. Fire service, emergency unit were already waiting at the runway.

“God knows I said it that this plane was too old to be functioning in Nigeria before I boarded. At the clinic now getting checked on. I’ve never been more grateful in my life. Nothing else matters to me, God showed me mercy, Eternally thankful”.

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