Adunni Ade Never Had A Husband But Shared 2 Children – Inside Her Relationship

Adunni Ade, who is popular for the short comedy skit, Date Gone Bad, released in 2014 on YouTube, is not married and is currently not known to be in any relationship. However, she has two children from her previous relationship with her baby daddy, Micheal Boyd.

The American/Nigerian actress, who is also a writer and model and came to the limelight after she acted in the Yoruba movie Iwo Tabi Emin (You or I), got involved with Micheal Boyd while she was not yet in the limelight, and the relationship produced two baby boys.

Who is Adunni Ade’s Husband?

Actress Adunni Ade does not have a husband and has never been married before. Born to a Nigerian Yoruba father and German-Irish mother, Adunni was born in Queens, New York but raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She, however, relocated to the United States in her late teens for her university education and later returned to Nigeria to pursue a career in acting.

Does Adunni Ade Have a Baby Daddy?

Yes, Adunni definitely has a baby daddy who is the father of her two boys. The name of her baby daddy is Micheal Boyd. She met him while she was in the US, but there is no record of when or where exactly they met. Notwithstanding, it would be safe to assume that they probably met while she was at the University of Kentucky, as both of them resided in the State of Kentucky in the US.

Moreso, there is no single information available about Micheal Boyd as he is not anywhere near the entertainment industry. Also, he seemed not to be a social media person, so even when they were together, they never made the typical power celebrity couple. The news of her relationship with Micheal only became public knowledge after she rose to fame as an actress.

The duo dated for about 9 years and had two kids in the process. Contrary to many reports that they got married and divorced, Micheal and Adunni were never married. Having been in a long-term relationship and lived together in the State of Kentucky, it is not surprising that there were speculations of them being married.

Her Relationship with Micheal Boyd Produced Two Children

Adunni Ade’s relationship with her baby daddy, Micheal Boyd, was what produced her two handsome sons whose names are D’Marion (born on 26th September 2007) and Ayden (born on 2nd May 2011). They are currently 16 and 13 years old respectively.

After their separation, Micheal reportedly did not care about their children and so she got custody of them without any drama. The actress returned to Nigeria with her kids and has since been catering for them all by herself. Adunni does not share personal information about her children personal information thus, little is known about them.

Regardless, she does not hesitate to share their photos on her social media pages at any slightest celebration. She has also mentioned that her children are her biggest source of inspiration. Going by their age, ‘Marion and Ayden would be receiving their secondary education in one of the prestigious schools in the country.

What Ended Their Relationship?

Speaking about what led to the sudden end of her 9-year-long relationship with her baby daddy, actress Adunni Ade said that she had to leave because he was obviously not ready for marriage. From the start, she was happy in the relationship and looking forward to them spending the rest of their lives together, especially since they already had children.

But as years went by, Adunni became uncomfortable as Boyd was not coming forth with any marriage proposal. So, she had to make a tough decision to let go because 9 years was already a long time to be in a relationship that is not offering any solid plans or commitment for the future.

“It was a bit hard walking away but I had no choice because the father of my children wasn’t ready for marriage. I just had to make that decision though it took me a long time to realize or stop lying to myself that it was never going to work out even though I tried as much as I could, …walking away was the hardest thing to do”, she divulged.

Speaking further, she also confessed that she at some point thought of committing suicide but the thought of another woman being the one her children would grow up to know as their mother immediately jolted the thought out of her head. Thereafter, she decided to be a single mother and devote her time to raising her kids alone.

Adunni Ade Has Remained Single After She Split With Her Baby Daddy

After going through the pain and heartbreak that followed the end of her relationship with her baby daddy, actress Adunni had said that she prefers to be a single mother and is proud of that than going into a miserable marriage. She took the decision to take it slow and not fall in love quickly but to do her best in being the best mother to her kids.

As of the time of writing this post, actress Adunni Ade is not in any relationship that is known to the public, and fans can’t wait to see how long she can hold on to her present single status. However, being a celebrity and a very talented and beautiful lady, Adunni definitely would be getting a lot of admirers who could possibly make for her future partner.

For some time, she was linked to the popular Nigerian singer Reminisce. The two entertainers were rumored to be in a romantic relationship, given that they have been spotted in each other’s company a couple of times.

However, the musician was quick to deny having anything to do with her romantically and clearly stated that they only share the same manager, which he believes is the origin of the rumor. “Adunni Ade and I are not lovers. People are just speculating because we have the same manager. I am sure that is where the rumor originated from”, he stated.

Speaking further on why she’s been taking her time before getting into another relationship, the mother of two disclosed that she is a sucker of love and romance and wouldn’t want to put her energy into loving another wrong man. She stated that she does not easily fall in love, but when she does, she goes all out to do whatever it takes to make it work.

She confessed that even though she has not found one, love is real and still exists. “...I am a big fan of love, Love is good. There is still some love out there even though people try to deny it and say there is no more love; there is still love”, she said.


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